Through NPOO, investments are made in 13 capital projects for the development of health tourism

In the first step, a total of 13 capital projects will be financed.


January 20, 2024

​In Koprivnica, the first Decisions on project financing were awarded on Friday health tourism from funds National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NPOO), worth 57 million euros.

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports will finance it five capital projects of health tourism in the counties that are signatories to the Development Agreement for Northwestern Croatia, and yesterday Decisions were awarded for projects that will be financed through the NPOO, i.e.econstruction of Inkey Castle in the infrastructure for the development of wellness tourism with support of 10,1 million euros, construction of the swimming pool and hotel of the Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation in Stubička Toplica with approved support of 16,5 million euros, improvement of the quality of accommodation and facilities of the Minerva Hotel - Varaždinske Toplice with approved support of 17,1 million euros and improvement of the offer of spa and wellness tourism in Daruvar spa through the development of tourism products with high added value with support of 13,2 million euros.

In addition to these projects, the counties that are signatories to the Development Agreement for Northwestern Croatia will also finance the swimming pool complex project in Veliko Korenov Terme Bjelovar, for which funds are provided in the State Budget of the Republic of Croatia.

Analyzes made by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports during the preparation of the Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy until 2030 showed that the development of tourism, especially on the continent, needs to be encouraged through capital investments in public tourism infrastructure, which encourages the development of functional regions through value chains. This was confirmed by the analysis of the Economic Institute in Zagreb, which showed that an investment in health tourism of 60 million euros can generate an additional 1,13 billion euros of investment in the short term.

The government has therefore secured a record amount of 61,7 million euros from the NPOO, through which a total of six projects will be financed, in addition to the ones already listed, there is also a project to improve accommodation capacities and infrastructure Naftalan Special Hospitals in the function of health tourism development - WELLTUR NAFTALAN and reconstruction of the building Fountain in Lipik Spa into a hotel in the function of health tourism, and an additional 60 million euros in the State budget to finance all projects that met the criteria in the competition Regional diversification and specialization of Croatian tourism through investments in the development of tourism products with high added value, in the health tourism group.

These are, in addition to the already mentioned Bjelovarske Toplice project, another project Special hospital for orthopedics Biograd na Moru for improving the quality of existing and introducing new services in health tourism, investing in the modernization of accommodation facilities Thalassotherapie Crikvenica in order to develop spa and wellness tourism, revitalization of the Veli Lošinj spa center through digital and green transition, reconstruction, conversion and arrangement of the complex Special hospitals for medical rehabilitation Kalos in the function of spa and wellness tourism, then the project Topusko at the source of health - spa and wellness tourism in a sustainable way and the project Biokovka 5.0 - green and digital transition of the special hospital Biokovka in the function of the development of spa and wellness tourism with high added value.

Thus, in the first step, it will be financed in total 13 capital projects in the territory of the whole of Croatia in a total amount of more than 120 million euros.

In the next step, financing for health and active tourism was provided through the Multi-Year Financial Framework in the amount of 90 million euros, and also, the new Tourism Act provided financing for projects of special importance for the development of destinations from the Tourism Fund. These are projects for which the holder can be a tourist board, city, municipality and county, as well as public institutions majority-owned by them or majority-owned by the Republic of Croatia.

Cover photo: Naftalan Special Hospital


January 20, 2024