19 hotels from Croatia won the gold award "Loved by Guests Awards 2016"

We all know that a good, bad or awful review can be crucial when choosing a hotel. After analyzing 20 million authentic guest reviews of guests staying in hotels around the world, the company Hotels.com announced the winners of its program "Loved by Guests Awards 2016", among which 19 are from Croatia.

More than 2.700 hotels from 94 countries have been classified as outstanding and have been awarded the highest Hotels.com gold award “Loved by Guest” because they earned an average rating of 4,7 (out of 5) or higher in guest reviews, while the rating had to be based on at least 50 reviews. The Hotels.com “Loved by Guests” awards are based on authentic, verified reviews, written by clients who have actually stayed in hotels, which means that the ratings were decided by real hotel guests.

Cities in Croatia that won the "Loved by Guests" awards
1. Dubrovnik - 8 hotels
2. Split - 4 hotels
3. Zagreb - 2 hotels
4. Rovinj - 2 hotels
5. Hvar - 2 hotels
6. Zadar - 1 hotel

"Our prize program is so special because it includes hotels that guests love. The awards were decided by the guests for the guests. When we launched this program last year, we wanted to pay tribute to the hotel’s best partners, but also to help clients make informed decisions based on authentic, verified reviews. " pointed out Elena Novokreshchenova, Director of Global Content at Hotels.com, and added that each award-winning hotel will receive a framed recognition and a window sticker, which they can place on their premises. Hoteliers will also be able to display their rating from guest reviews on social and digital platforms by downloading a special mini-app.


A total of 19 hotels from Croatia received the gold award within the program of the best hotels of the company "Loved by Guests Awards 2016", and the title of the closest hotel in Croatia went to Hotel Esplanade from Zagreb.

Top 10 hotels by the number of reviews in Croatia that won the award "Loved by Guests"
1. Hotel Esplanade - Zagreb
2. Bellevue Hotel - Dubrovnik
3. Hilton Imperial - Dubrovnik
4. Valamar Dubrovnik President Hote -Dubrovnikl
5. Hotel More - Dubrovnik
6. Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Iadera - Zadar
7. Hotel Lone - Rovinj
8. Hotel Adriatic - Rovinj
9. Celenga Apartments - Dubrovnik
10. Doubletree By Hilton - Zagreb



Hotels from the USA won the most gold awards for the second year in a row, which brought recognition to 1087 hotels there. Other destinations with the most award-winning hotels are the United Kingdom (220 hotels), Italy (187) and Canada (86).

Awards to cities around the world The country with the most cities at the top is Italy, as three of the top five cities with gold-awarded hotels are Italian cities. Rome is first on the list with 38 winners, Florence is third with 28 hotels and Venice fourth with 27. London has 30 gold winners and secured second place in the overall ranking of cities, and Prague entered the top five with 23 hotels.

London and Prague have hotels that have received a fantastic rating of 5 out of 5 - Arcadia Residence in Prague and 41 Hotel in London. Another 24 hotels from other parts of the world also received the best rating of 5 out of 5, and one of them is the Adriatic Hotel from Rovinj.

5 world cities that have won the most awards "Loved by Guests"

1. Rome - 38 hotels
2. London - 30 hotels
3. Florence - 28 hotels
4. Venice - 27 hotels
5. Prague and Paris - 23 hotels

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