The 4th certification of Lika Quality system users was held

Lika Quality is a regional system of food, beverage and souvenir quality unique in the fact that it certifies local products produced exclusively in the area of ​​the destination Lika and encourages local production and consumption ...

Lika Quality is a regional quality system of food, beverages and souvenirs unique in the fact that it certifies local products produced exclusively in the destination area of ​​Lika and encourages local production and consumption according to the principles of sustainable development. 

The system was launched in 2017 as part of the project implementation INTEGRA LIKA 2020 conducted by LAG Lika and Cluster Lika Destination with the aim of branding and economic development of the destination Lika, which in addition to Lika-Senj includes the areas of Karlovac and Zadar counties. 

The right to use the Lika Quality label can be obtained through a Public Call issued by the Lika Destination Cluster once a year, and this year the call was open from April 29 to June 01. 16 manufacturers responded to the call with a total of 30 products, of which 11 of them exercised the right to use the label - Lika Quality certificates.

Those are OPG Starčević with calf bush product, Eko Vedrine doo with squeak, bass and acid products, Vegium doo with yoghurt and škripavac products, SOPG Nikolina Tonković Čorak with the product potatoes, OPG Brbot with products potatoes "Brinjak" and garlic "Lički podkapelski", OPG Koča with potato and strawberry products, OPG Obljajac with chokeberry berry product, OPG Butina with raspberry and blackberry products, OPG Pčelarstvo i stočarstvo Kasumović with the product meadow honey, Homemade handicraft Očica Ovčica with the products Ličanin magnet and Ličanin pendant and Divinum, a craft for the production of natural cosmetics with the products of dry immortelle oil Hera, immortelle hydrolate Helros, immortelle balm Demetra and Deity set.

Lika Destination Cluster Leader Petra Kovačević she pointed out that Lika is a green destination, thanks to its natural beauty, but also on COVID-19 global maps it is also painted green, which is an immeasurable advantage. She especially emphasized the importance of cooperation of all stakeholders in positioning Lika as a tourist destination.

In addition to the new Users, certificates were handed over to the Users of the Lika Quality system who in previous years exercised the right to use the Lika Quality label, and whose right was used for the next two years: GIS Sinac doo, OPG Brozinčević Željko, OPG Pavičić Ivica, OPG Borčić Bertil Vladimir , OPG Štajdohar Josipa, OPG Hećimović Nikolina, Održivo društvo jdoo, Ajda, obrt za izradu nakita i poljoprivredu, OPG Svetić Marijana, OPG Krpan Tomislav, OPG Laktić Mario, Drvo Ambijent, obrt za izradu joinery and wooden accessories, OPG Obućina Katica, OPG Starčević Ante, OPG Furlan Darko, Association Mini Lika, OPG Markanjević Josipa, OPG Banić Ana, Medical production of plum brandy, OPG Shop Dragan, Jadri - Trade doo, Tušak doo, Natura Beef doo, OPG Bogdanić Helena, Tomaić - commerce doo, Association Gačanka Otočac, OPG Balenović Nikola, International Center of Ceramics Atelje Janja Gora, OPG Pavičić, OPG Vlainić Ivan, Obrt Golac for production and sale, OPG Turkalj Petar, Lička strudel Briks do o and OPG Čačić Alenka. 

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