7 years of loud thinking on the HrTurizam.hr portal

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Author  Goran Rihelj

1. December 2022.

On this day (01.12/2), seven years ago, a crazy adventure called HrTurizam.hr, the tourist news portal you are on and which today is the multi-awarded and leading tourist bXNUMXb portal in Croatia and the region, began. 

We've been through a lot together in these seven years, and without your support we certainly wouldn't have lasted from the first day until today. And this year was more than intense, unpredictable, exhausting, stormy and full of adjustment... while the new tourist year due to inflation and aggression on Ukraine brings new challenges and another uncertain year. 

However, regardless of everything, I am still proud because the portal fulfilled and continues to fulfill its mission. After almost two years of "stagnation" due to the pandemic, at least when it comes to the day-to-day development of the platform, we survived and were with you with all the key tourist information. 

We did not meet all the goals we set for ourselves a year earlier, but we continue to follow the daily rhythm and impulse of the tourism industry. Through over 11.100 articles in these 7 years, we have educated and informed about various topics, trends, news, out loud thoughts, initiatives... thus pushing our tourism forward. 

For the effort and work of all these years, the HrTurizam.hr portal received the highest recognition - and that is the recognition of the profession, both domestic and global.

This has a special weight for me, because the support of the profession cannot be "bought", but only earned. Professional support shows that what we do, write, and think aloud has value and weight. 


/ / / HrTurizam.hr on the list of the world's most innovative organizations in tourism policy in 2021 - 75 most Innovative Organizations in Tourism Policy 2021  #apolitical #UNWTO

/ / / Recognition "ANTON ŠTIFANIC”For exceptional contribution to the tourism of the Republic of Croatia

/ / / FIJET Hrvatska and the Association of Tourist Journalists of HND - MARKO POLO Award

/ / / Award Simply the best 2022 for contribution to the development of tourist offer and tourism / #uhpa #BurzaPut

/ / / Croatian Linkedin influencers: Among the TOP 50 most followed users in 2022 / Slade.hr

/ / / We are members of FIJET Croatia, the association Smart Tourism and signatories of the Glasgow Declaration for climate action in tourism at the UNWTO.

7 years

I invite you to subscribe to the content of the portal.

The portal HrTurizam.hr started with a new business model at the beginning of this year - by subscribing to the content.

Everyone wants quality and independent media, but the media also have expenses, they have to pay salaries and in the end be sustainable and make money for all expenses at the end of the month. On the contrary, we have to earn something in order to be able to invest in future growth and development.

Living off content and your subscribers is imperative for b2b media. Unfortunately, there is no alternative if we want quality media. 

Not all media, and especially not b2b / niche media, can live only on clicks, i.e. reach. It is simply not a sustainable model either in the DNA of niche media, or globally, and especially in such a small market as Croatia.

Surely no one would be satisfied if we wrote about bills in Dubrovnik or what the Minister of Tourism and Sports wore today, and if we "trick" you with crazy headlines just to get that one more click. 

The goal of the subscription is to be sustainable, hire new journalists, raise the quality of the content and further globalize the content. As the number of subscribers grows, so will the quality of content. We are in this together. 

On the other hand, quality information and knowledge have always been an investment, not an expense. Support us, but also support yourself in order to be up to date with all relevant information in the tourism industry, both in Croatia and in the world. 

We'll go for it subscription value continue to deliver quality tourist information, stories and loud reflections through the minimum 1440 articles per year on the HrTurizam portal.

The editorial staff of only four people on two portals, HrTurizam and Turističke Priče, publishes a minimum of 10 articles every day - six days a week. We continue to follow that rhythm from day one and we believe that we provide value for money. And all this with a lot of effort, sacrifice, time, energy from the office in Vinkovci.

For your 7th birthday, we reward you - and you reward us with your attention 

For the next three days (until 04.12.2022, 20:00) a PROMO CODE for a discount on the annual subscription will be active. When applying for a subscription, enter the PROMO CODE: 7godhrturism and make it happen 30% discount on annual subscription. 


7 years of thinking out loud on the HrTurizam.hr portal.

Thank you for your support with criticism, comments, suggestions and cooperation during these seven years. We have achieved a lot together, and I hope that we will continue to read each other in the coming years. 

Finally, I will quote my unofficial mentor, Ognjen Bagatin: "We all need to ask ourselves the question: What are we going to focus on? Will it be on the past or the future? Will it be on what is bad or what can we do better? Will it be on what we can’t or what we can? Will it be on whining and complaining or on creating? Will it always be about doing the same or developing a new one? I know what I decide every day and always, and that is the latter. "

Let us move forward boldly together, because only in this way can we develop as individuals and as a profession. And that is why I invite you to continue to build a good and quality tourist story together.

As the motive for travel is not a bed, but a destination, so tourism is not a point, but a circle. And the circle is all of us. We are in this together. 

In which direction our tourism will develop in the future depends only on us. 

Thank you.

Goran Rihelj, chief editor of the HrTurizam.hr portal

PS I invite you to get involved in the narrative of the portal with your loud thinking, because it is not the individual that matters, but the community. Send your thoughts out loud to goran.rihelj@hrturizam.hr

Author  Goran Rihelj

1. December 2022.