Camp Čikat is the winner in the 'ADAC Camping Booking' category at this year's ADAC Camping Awards

Čikat is a prime example of successful digital transformation in the camping industry.


January 15, 2024

The winners of the most important European camping award were announced on Friday at the PiNCAMP Gala in Stuttgart. Uwe Frers, director of PiNCAMP, highlighted the importance of the ADAC Camping Awards for the camping industry.

"This award is as important to the camping industry as the Oscars are to the film industry. With the ADAC Camping Awards, we honor the trendsetters of the European camping industry", He said. 

The winners were chosen from hundreds of nominations from the camping industry and an international panel of 44 experts in four thematic categories:

  • Sustainability and environmental awareness
  • Innovation and progress
  • Demographic changes and affordability
  • ADAC Camping Booking

Marco Knöpfle in the Hall of Fame

The highlight of the award ceremony was the induction of Marc Knöpfle into the Hall of Fame. Frers acknowledged Knöpfle's merits for the development of sustainable and ecological camping tourism. 

"Marco Knöpfle set the standards by founding the ECOCAMPING network initiative. Today, his association has more than 200 camps across Europe as members. His initiative promotes environmental protection and nature conservation, safety and quality in the European camping industry", he emphasized.

Winners and nominees

Winner announcement ADAC Camping Awards 2024. he presented CrippaConcept, the largest manufacturer of mobile homes and lodge tents in Italy and official partner of the PiNCAMP Camping Gala.

Winner in the 'Sustainability and Environmental Awareness' category: Fornella Camping & Wellness Family Resort (Italy)

With the pilot project 'Fornella one Earth 2030', Fornella Camping on Lake Garda took a bold and ambitious step towards environmentally conscious camping. The project is based on a cluster of seven sustainably designed mobile homes. 

The project offers a new, inclusive and sustainable outdoor vacation experience - a combination of environmental responsibility and concern for the well-being of camp guests.

Other nominees are Camping Beauregard Plage (France) and Camping The Quiet Site (UK).


Winner in the 'Innovation and Progress' category: Caravanpark Sexten (Italy)

U Caravanpark Sexten in South Tyrol, the sum and diversity of innovation and sustainability initiatives make this place a leader in camping quality in the Alpine region and in Europe. 

A 600 square meter plot with private bathroom and butler service, an underground natural stone indoor swimming pool with a beauty and wellness center, several luxury tree houses and a 13 m high indoor climbing wall are just a small selection of the Happacher family's innovative work. 

Other nominees are Camping Le Sérignan Plage Nature (France) and Camping & Resort Sanguli Resort (Spain).

Winner in the 'Demographic Change and Accessibility' category: Camping de Wildhoeve (Netherlands)

Camping de Wildhoeve is located near Apeldoorn and is known as a family place with excellent facilities for children. Families with children with limited mobility, eg in wheelchairs, will also find adapted facilities here, without barriers, such as special playgrounds for wheelchairs, sanitary facilities and restaurants. 

Even the pool in the swimming area is reserved for young and old people with limited mobility. In addition, Camping de Wildhoeve is very active in hiring hard-to-employ people. 

Other nominees are: Campingplatz Haumühle (Germany) and Camping Salatà (Spain).

Winner of the 'ADAC Camping Booking' category: Camp Čikat (Croatia)

Photo: Camp Čikat
Photo: Camp Čikat

Camp Čikat it is part of the Jadranka group and is located on the sun-drenched island of Lošinj. Čikat is a prime example of successful digital transformation in the camping industry. 

It was one of the first camps in Croatia that he introduced the possibility of online reservation of a pitch or camper. The guest has the possibility to research, select and book the desired plot or accommodation online. Bravo Čikat! 

Other nominees are Kamp Seeblick Toni (Austria) and Holiday Park Beerze Bulten (Netherlands).

The presentation of the ADAC Camping Awards 2025 is again planned as a live event at the PiNCAMP Gala on the occasion of CMT in Stuttgart in January 2025.

Photo: PiNCAMP


January 15, 2024