Central Istria is working on an action plan to attract digital nomads

Lives and works in central Istria: 18 digital nomads reside in central Istria:

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10. December 2022.

He was at the interpretation center yesterday Kućand Istrian pršutand, a press conference was held in Tinjan Digital nomads – Žlives and works in the middlešher Istria.

The Tourist Board of Central Istria presented it in this way Digital nomad In-residence program, which he implements as part of his project Digital nomads – Žlives and works in the middlešher Istria, and through which he is staying in central Istria from December 7 to 14 18 digital nomads with the aim of further attracting digital nomads, and people who work remotely, to central Istria.

Goal is the project's attraction of a greater number of digital nomads who will contribute to the extension of the tourist season, bring central Istria closer to becoming a year-round destination and, in accordance with the above, increase tourist traffic and the growth of numerous economic branches related to tourism. That is, creating a new guest profile - digital nomads - it is a way of filling accommodation facilities and other tourist capacities, such as catering facilities, tourist attractions, etc. in pre-season and post-season. 

"The destination central Istria is intended for those digital nomads who like authentic and original destinations, people who like to stay in nature and enjoy local food and wine, but also the safety offered by rural areas. The appeal of central Istria is the hospitality of the hosts, friendly communication and the slow pace of life that will make everyone relax and enjoy the nature that surrounds them" pointed out the director of the TZ of Central Istria, Sanja Kantaruti and added that Digital Nomads are increasingly frequent and important guests, and central Istria, as a rural destination, will definitely attract them. 

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The digital nomads have already visited some taverns and agrotourisms, walked along the footpaths, and in the coming days they are expecting jeep tours, visits to several local winemakers, flying above Pazinska jama on the popular Zip line and other adventures.

"We hereby thank the stakeholders in tourism from our area who helped us realize the project and donated their products and services to complete the experience of our visitors, namely the Museum of the City of Pazin, the Ethnographic Museum of Istria, the Zip line Pazinska jama, the winery In Sylvis, Vina Radanović, Domaine Koquelicot winery, Saorsa Off-road experience. " Kantaruti concluded.

Creation of an action plan for attracting digital nomads

The stay of digital nomads is not only in the domain of destination promotion, but much more important, strategic and long-term development, the goal of which is to create an action plan to attract digital nomads to central Istria. 

Tanja Polegubic, the marketing director of the Digital Nomad Association Croatia points out that their stay in central Istria is aimed at creation of an action plan for attracting digital nomads to the destination, which they have now convinced themselves offers plenty of activities in the period outside the main tourist season, such as outdoor and enogastronomic offer. "We were particularly surprised by the accessibility of the English-speaking local population and the safety this destination provides." states Polegubic.

This is my favorite region in Croatia, says the president of the Digital Nomad Association Croatia John de Jong and adds that he believes that one day central Istria will be home to as many digital nomads as possible. 

Head of the Administrative Department for Tourism of the Istrian County Nada Prodan Mrakovic she congratulated the TZ of Central Istria on this commendable project, which is primarily being done in order to extend the tourist season. "Digital nomads don't care about the season, they can come anytime and work from here. Istria is a compact region, the internet connection is fast, stable and reliable, and because of all the above, people who work in that way have all the necessary conditions to stay and work here." 

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Denis Ivošević the director of the TZ of the Istrian County thanked all the ambassadors who, in addition to their daily work, promote Istria. "It's not the same to be in central Istria or on the 55th floor of a glass building, so digital nomads will do a better job here and promote this region along the way. Digital nomads can work here, and at the same time have a great time and combine everything into one wonderful experienceIvošević states. 

Digital nomads living in central Istria came from the United States of America, Great Britain, Israel, Scotland, the Republic of South Africa and Australia.

In the first phase of this project, in 2021, a website was created - Live And Work through which the testimonies of digital nomads who arrived in central Istria will be shared, all with the aim of further networking digital nomads with providers of accommodation and catering services. See the page at the following link: https://liveandwork.central-istria.com/hr. 

Luciana Jerkovih, the head of the Global PR Department of the Croatian Tourist Board stated how they started the initiative to promote Croatia towards digital nomads when the legal framework for it was created (visa for digital nomads).

"It is important that we communicate the possibility of hosting digital nomads on social networks. We support DNA in attracting digital nomads and developing this type of tourism in central Istria, i.e. Croatia. Our desire is to create a good network where digital nomads could enjoy and take a break from work by visiting various activities that are available in central Istria. Along with the project of digital nomads in Croatia, the slogan Croatia as a new office (Croatia your new office). We will try to listen to the needs of digital nomads in order to become better hosts." Jerković points out.

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I spoke with Sanja Kantaruti, the director of the Central Istria TZ, about this project a year ago, and here we are now, which means that the project has succeeded, she stated. Monika Udovičić, rHead of the Administration for the System of Tourist Boards, Categorization and Legal Affairs of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Croatia and added: 

"I want all of you who are here now to be promoters of central Istria. This is a wonderful place to live, I hope you have seen that in the last days of your stay here. Taste olive oil, wine, experience all the benefits that central Istria has to offer and spread the word about it. Digital nomads will enable central Istria to become a destination for year-round tourism and a destination where catering establishments work all 12 months." Udovicic concluded. 

The project was co-financed by the Croatian Tourist Board through the Public tender for the allocation of funds for joint tourist board projects in 2022, and the Istrian County Tourist Board joined the co-financing. The project partner is Saltwater Nomads, and the project is supported by the Digital Nomad Association Croatia. 

Author  HrTurizam.hr

10. December 2022.