Chef Tomica Đukić in Vinkovci presents traditional Slavonian cuisine in a modern way 

On September 27 and 28, 2023, the Professional Conference and Gastro show of the PannEx Reload project will be held at Šokački Stan in Vinkovci

Author  HrTurizam Promo

25. September 2023.

Although there are various definitions, dimensions and understandings of the term sustainable tourism, one of the main elements is the use of local resources in the destination through short procurement chains in tourism, i.e. the HoReCa channel. 

If we look through the prism of Croatian tourism, we have a certain demand and consumption of over 20 million arrivals and 100.000+ overnight stays. In order for tourism to have a real purpose and thus be sustainable, we must produce enough food for the needs of tourism and connect the HoReCa channel with producers. 

Ultimately, this is the meaning of tourism, to reduce tourism consumption and distribute it to the local economy, and not to encourage imports through tourism. Especially through the prism of basic products: from eggs, carrots, lettuce, tomato, salad to cured meat products.

In addition to "zero-kilometer" distribution, strengthening the local economy, small and medium-sized enterprises, keeping people in rural areas with short supply chains (direct distribution, use of intermediaries or clusters), we have ensured products of high quality and freshness. 

Also, in recent years, tourists are increasingly interested in the climate footprint of vacation trips, local gastronomy, the origin of food, healthy food, organic and ecological production or cultivation. 

What is the monthly demand / consumption = need for domestic eggs, say in Pula, Rijeka or Zadar?

This is a key strategic issue for our destinations. Because tourism is much more than accommodation and the beach and vertically and horizontally connects various industries - and primarily through food producers. 

Right on topic connection catering establishments and hotels with domestic family farms a gastro show and panel discussion will be held in Vinkovci. 

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Gastro show in Vinkovci: Professional conference with famous names and Slavonian hospitality

On September 27 and 28, 2023, the Expert Conference and Gastro show of the PannEx Reload project will be held at the Šokački Stan in Vinkovci as part of the Interreg IPA cross-border cooperation program Croatia - Serbia 2014-2020.

The main narrative of the tourism industry is sustainable tourism in which the main role is the use of local resources in the destination, primarily fragile supply chains in catering. Linkage catering establishments and hotels with domestic family farms is a big challenge, and he will talk about these challenges, among other things, as part of the Conference.

On the first day, September 27, 2023, starting at 17 p.m., a conference will be held, which will include lectures and a panel discussion.
First lecture "The importance of short supply chains in tourism" will be held by Goran Rihelj, consultant in tourism. The topic is appropriate, because the World Tourism Day is celebrated on September 27 all over the world, and one of the hot topics at the global level is precisely the "from field to table" strategy.

The chef's lecture follows Tomica Đukić, the longtime chef of the Croatian national football team, who will speak for this occasion on the topic "Preparation of indigenous dishes in a modern way". Combining tradition, that is, the dishes of our grandmothers, with modern culinary techniques is at a high price. Guests are eager to see on their plates autochthonous dishes of a certain area in the interpretation of the spirit of today's times.

In addition to being with the Croatian national football team for eight years, Tomica Đukić is currently one of the most important continental chefs in Croatia. This is supported by the fact that he is the vice-president of the Croatian branch of the prestigious international culinary association Les Disciples Escoffier, an organization that promotes haute gastronomy throughout the world.

The two lectures will be followed by a panel discussion in which project partners, local food and beverage producers, and representatives of Vinkovci Vocational School, which was recently declared the best vocational school in Croatia, will participate.


Marija Bošnjak, Vinkovci Secondary Vocational School
Monika Živković, Podrum Marija
Zdenka Prgomet, Vinkovci oil factory
Velimir Babić, Abelo Distillery

Moderator: Goran Rihelj, Croatian Tourism

Gastroshow street apartment vk

The second day, September 28, 2023 at 18 p.m. will begin Gastro show. In a somewhat more relaxed atmosphere, compared to the first day, visitors will be able to enjoy the specialties of chef Tomica Đukić. He will for this occasion, with the help of the staff of the Gastro-Educational Center Šokački Stan, prepare three courses of autochthonous traditional dishes prepared in a modern way.

There is also a Gastro Fair"PannEx Reload" where the partners of the project will present their products, and the whole program will be underlined by indispensable tambourine players.

Exhibitors at the Gastro fair "PannEx Reload":

Oil factory Vinkovci - Sune Vinkovci;
Podrum Marija, Ilok;
Craft brewery Valentinijan, Vinkovci;
Mederija Ferbežar, Vinkovci;
Abelo Distillery, Vinkovci;
Vigus (cakes), Vinkovci.

The host of the program is a well-known Croatian influencer Domagoj Jakopović - Ribafish. The special guest of the Gastro show is a Brit with a Croatian address Paul Bradbury, one of the biggest promoters of Croatia abroad.


He moved from England to Croatia, more precisely to Hvar, twenty years ago and claims that Croatia is the best place to live. In addition to running Total Croatia News, the largest English-language news portal in Croatia, Bradbury promotes Croatia as a tourist destination with his publications.

Author  HrTurizam Promo

25. September 2023.