Croatia is connected with 517 airlines in the summer season - distant markets are also returning

Increasing the number of passenger aircraft operations.


10. April 2024.

During the upcoming summer flight season, Croatia will be connected with 517 unique lines u domestic and international traffic, according to initial data collected by the Croatian Tourist Board (HTZ) from Croatian airports.

Compared to last year's summer flight schedule, it is expected double digit rate of increase number of passenger aircraft operations. 

Overall, almost all airports expect an increase in traffic, and the largest number of passenger aircraft operations is planned for ZL Zagreb, ZL Split te ZL Dubrovnik.

Seen according to emission markets, the largest number of passenger aircraft operations is planned according to Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, France i Polandj.

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Last year, over a million guests came from the Polish market, who realized 600 million and 600 thousand overnight stays. This year, we are recording 20 percent more arrivals and 20 percent more overnight stays, she pointed out recently for Croatian tourism Małgorzata Kowalska, Director of the CNTB Representation in Poland.

"Poles are most motivated by the sun and the sea, of course, but also by natural and cultural heritage, excellent food and wine offerings, and more and more by city breaks. The majority of Poles come by car, but there are more and more direct flights - from Warsaw to Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Split. There are also more and more low-cost flights to other cities. For several years, we have been working on the promotion of the continental part of Croatia, and we can see increased arrivals in the continental counties as well", Kowalska states.

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Direct links of Croatia with 41 foreign countries and 133 foreign cities

"The significant increase in the number of unique airlines is the best indicator that Croatia continues to firmly occupy the position of a safe and attractive tourist country. Numerous airlines have recognized the increased demand for Croatian destinations, which is why they have expanded their programs, and we are particularly pleased with the increasing number of connections with distant markets, which are increasingly participating in the overall results of Croatian tourism.", said the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board Kristjan Staničić, adding that air transport is extremely important in connecting Croatia with the world, especially the far south of Croatia with the most important broadcasting markets.

During the summer flight season, direct connections from Croatia are expected 41 foreign countries - mainly from Europe, while connections to destinations on other continents are planned for, for example Canada, Qatar, USA, UAE.

A special point of interest is that this year the direct air link between is "returning" again Croatia and South Korea on the Zagreb-Seoul route from mid-May to the end of October organized by the Korean carrier T'way Air.

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In addition, a new line was announced on the route between Croatia and Saudi Arabia which, according to the plans of the Dubrovnik airport, should be realized by the carrier Flynas from mid-June to the end of August, with flights between Riyadh and Dubrovnik.

Furthermore, Croatia will be directly connected with 133 sides of the city, that is, with three more cities than during the summer flight schedule last year. Individual airports with the most scheduled operations on routes to Croatia are Frankfurt/Main - Frankfurt Airport, Vienna - Vienna International, Munich - Franz Josef Strauss te Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

New unique links has an eye 80, mostly because of Ryanair, which significantly expanded its programs in Croatia in 2024. Croatia Airlines also has a number of new routes, such as flights on the routes Zagreb-Athens, Zagreb-Berlin, Zagreb-Stockholm, Zagreb-Tirana, Split-Istanbul, etc.

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In total, during the summer season flights on routes between Croatia and abroad will traffic approx 70 different airlines, and the carriers that overall predict the most rotations are Croatia Airlines, Ryanair, Easyjet, Eurowings and Lufthansa.

Of course, we are talking about announcements, that is, possible changes in the given information.

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10. April 2024.