Croatian tourist offer in the Telegraph, Times and national television ITV

How Croatia is recognized on the British market as an attractive, high-quality, but also popular tourist destination is confirmed by numerous media publications.

Author  HrTurizam Promo

19. May 2023.

How is it Croatia recognized on the British market as an attractive, high-quality, but also popular tourist destination is confirmed by numerous media announcements about our country in the most prominent British media, such as Telegraph, Times, also national television ITV. These are publications that are the result of collaboration Representations of HTZ in London and the editorial offices of the aforementioned media through the organization of study trips for female journalists Jane Foster, mary Novakovich and the ITV production team led by a TV presenter Larisa Rope.

So are the tourist potentials Croatia in British ITV approached through the show "This Morning" as part of which the attractions are depicted Split i Brothers, and the focus was Diocletian's Palace, the Cathedral of St. Duje, natural beauty of the island Brothers and the Brac stonemasonry school, where the tradition of making sculptures from Brac stone is nurtured. The next episode is expected to be broadcast on May 22, and the focus will be on Peljesac.

Phoebe Nicolaou, producer of the show "This "Morning" she pointed out:

"As a producer at ITV, I have been lucky enough to travel and film in many destinations around the world. Our recent trip to Croatia was an example of a very well executed trip where we worked in collaboration with the tourism community to plan the itinerary for our shoot".

She also agreed with her Larisa Rope, presenter on ITV, who considers our country her second home.

"I couldn't be more proud to call Croatia my second home after the incredible experience that I and the film crew had during the filming. Despite the unusual weather, which only contributed to the overall ambiance, we were greeted with the incredible hospitality and generosity for which Croatia is so appreciated. Our tour guides and drivers were also wonderful and incredibly knowledgeable, as were the waiters and restaurant owners we visited", said Corda.

In addition to the television show, Croatian tourist attractions were also highlighted on the cover of the British travel report Times, who signs mary Novakovich, a prestigious British journalist and author of a text dedicated to extremely high-quality, unique and new hotels in Croatia that are worth visiting in the coming season. Announcement "The 25 coolest Croatian hotels to book before anyone else" represents Croatia as a rising star of luxury tourism that raises the bar in the offer of prestigious hotels, from Hvar, Coal, Long The island so until Makarska, Dubrovnik i Cavtata.

They did not fail to mention Croatia in The Telegraph, who published the journalist's reportage Jane Foster naslov "The 30 greatest holidays in Croatia" in which our country is presented as the main tourist favorite this summer, and at the same time additionally emphasizes the value of the synergy of holidays on the coast and untouched nature. The article is also aimed at promoting the authenticity and diversity of the destination's potential, illustrating as many as 30 ideal activities such as tasting Istrian wines and truffles, visiting the Telašćica Nature Park, luxury Lošinj hotels and the tourist attractions of Zagreb, which is described as a year-round destination. 

Official statistics confirm that these are valuable media publications ITV in the United Kingdom it reaches over 17 million viewers and recorded a follow-up growth of even 25% in a year, Times count over 8 million readers which is characterized by high paying power and a focus on luxury travel, while Telegraph during April recorded over 5.5 million readers.

Let's add how it is according to system data eVisitor in the previous part of the year from the British market, approx 96.000 arrivals and done 370.000 nights which compared to the same period last year represents a growth of 16% in the comings of thee 8% in overnight stays.

Author  HrTurizam Promo

19. May 2023.