Dalmatia combines culture and tourism: A piano was set up at the airport, and painters painted with citizens in the center of Split

Affirmation of art and culture in tourism.

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10. May 2024.

As of today, Central Dalmatia is richer for two unprecedented projects that were successfully implemented by the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board. Namely, on Friday, two successful and completely new projects were realized in Split-Dalmatia County, which create a synergy between culture and tourism.

It is about installing a piano in Split's Sveti Jeronim Airport under the name "Where Music Takes Flight", and in parallel with that, a unique artistic manifestation was launched "Art In The Heart Of Adriatic" on which occasion they are academic painters from the Croatian Association of Fine Arts on Matejuška in Split drew outdoors, inspired by the beauty of the city while socializing with the citizens. 

Piano at the airport it is modeled after some of the most important tourist destinations in the world, and on which various musicians will take turns playing the biggest Dalmatian and world hits every day. Also, the piano will be available to the public, so everyone interested will be able to try their musical skills. 

The solemn presentation of this manifestation was magnified by the students of the Josip Hatze music school, accompanied by a piano teacher Tonci Trampić and sopranos Klara Čipčić.

Director of the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board, Ivana Vladović, she emphasized her pride and happiness for the project that connected art and tourism at the most frequented place in Dalmatia, which is the airport. 

"From this place, millions of guests arrive in our county every year, who then get to know the length and breadth of Dalmatia. They admire its beauty, cultural heritage, gastronomy and traditions.  Yes, tradition is especially important. Most guests return to a certain destination because of the people, traditions and customs of a society with which they associate or identify.  And that's exactly why we came up with the idea to present Dalmatia through music. Dalmatia is a song, it has always lived a song and has produced countless musicians and singers. For thousands of years, our space has been ennobled by songs and music. It is woven into the DNA of the Dalmatian man." states Vladović.

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Art is a wonderful bond between people, just like tourism, she added Ivana Vladović and stressed that art has no prejudices, knows no borders and evokes a personalized and unique emotion in every person, and Dalmatia is without a doubt the cradle of Croatian art, but also an inexhaustible source of inspiration that teems with emotion, loudness, colorfulness...

"Therefore, we do not want and will never allow the artistic and musical heritage of Dalmatia to fall into oblivion. Because, as I like to say, tourism is not made up of walls, sea and sun. First of all, it is made up of people. This piano celebrates those people without whom Dalmatia is today it would not be Dalmatia. It is a kind of monument that will welcome and greet all our guests from our destination, putting in their ear a permanent memory of the destination to which they were happy to come and to which they will be happy to return." said Vladović, adding that this project is proof that Dalmatia preserves and inherits its tradition of music and song.

Director of Sveti Jeronim Airport, Luksa Novak, he added that the airport is not only a place of arrival and departure, but a meeting place and the first place that every passenger experiences with all his senses at a destination.

"I am really happy about this project, especially since the figures and analyzes suggest that more than 12 million guests will visit Croatia this summer via airlines. We need to give our guests a new user experience. While waiting for flights, they hang out or just want to relax and sing".

Prefect of Split-Dalmatia County, Blaženko Boban, he pointed out that this is a wonderful manifestation that evokes memories of that Dalmatia where people sing spontaneously, in the squares, in the alleys, among the common people.

"I am convinced that all the guests will be delighted by the music and that they will try their hand at playing and take home eternal memories of Dalmatia. Although this event is dedicated to Tijardović's and Gotovč's notes, this piano is also a dedication to all known and unknown artists of Dalmatia with whose verses we celebrated, mourned, lived...", said the prefect Boban. 

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On the other hand, an outdoor art project was launched in Split, where even six plein air artists painted on his easels in the Matejuška area, the iconic intersection of Split's urban culture.

By the way, plein air is a term that denotes painting directly in nature, which is characterized by light, freshness and vivid colors. Outdoor painting requires a skilled artist who quickly transfers the motif to his work because the light is constantly changing, and the artists are exposed to views, comments, photography and temporal oscillations.

Because of this, it is increasingly rare to see professional artists painting outdoors, so this is it  the scene became a rarity even in the painting capitals of Paris and Vienna. 

It is an atypical and non-commercial event that aims to present Dalmatia as a region of culture and impressive history, and which inclusively gathers all locals, passers-by and tourists.

The artists made the people of Split and tourists happy Anamarija Botteri, Josip Botteri, Vladimir Davydenko, Hello Cota, Snježana Mratinić, Mladen Čulić, Young Vulas i Alma Čača who also led an outdoor workshop.

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They decided on this project, say the tourist community, in order to affirm art and culture among the people of Split, but also to tourists who can talk to the painters, ask whatever they are interested in or try their own painting technique, with the long-term goal of promoting and increasing participation in cultural tourism.

Talking about the project "Art In The Heart Of Adriatic" Vladovic pointed out that it is a dedication to all Split and Dalmatian painters who for centuries created works inspired by views of our beautiful city, archipelago and architecture.

"It's not just about painters whose works are known on a world and national level. This is a tribute to all those who gave their best in transferring Dalmatian beauties to the canvas. We wanted to animate our painters to evoke the Mediterranean as it once was through their canvases. Full of colors, splashes, and jumps.Through today's event, we have successfully revitalized plein air, something that is a slowly forgotten discipline today.  Why in Split? Well, where else if not in a city that is known for street hustle and bustle and sunshine with its colorful population. At least for a moment, we have restored the vibrancy of the old town", concluded Vladović. 

Photo: TZ Split-Dalmatia County


Author  HrTurizam.hr

10. May 2024.