The project "Dalmatian brunch" presented in Sarajevo

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17. May 2024.

The Tourist Board of the Split-Dalmatia County (TZ SDŽ) presented yesterday in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Dalmatian brunch.

At a special event that took place in the Sky bar of the Hills Hotel with the director of TZ SDŽ Ivan Vladović she also attended Matea Dorčić, the head of the Administrative Department for Tourism, Maritime Affairs and Transport of the Split-Dalmatia County and numerous representatives of the tourist sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As part of this event, in addition to the presentation of the enogastronomic and overall tourist offer of the Split-Dalmatia County, the attendees had the opportunity to enjoy the delicacies prepared and presented by the chefs of the Mediterranean and European regions led by masterchef Željko Neven Bremec, the wines of the Zlatan otok winery and the performance of the Cultural - art society "Jedinstvo" from Split, the most trophy-winning folklore ensemble in Croatia.

This event, among other things, represented an opportunity for further networking of tourism experts and potential collaborations considering the importance of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a broadcasting market for the Split-Dalmatia County, i.e. Croatia and vice versa.

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Tourist Board of Split Dalmatia County hotel hills 99 large

Today, in the heart of Sarajevo, we are happy to present the Dalmatian Brunch, a gem of Dalmatian heritage that we are proud to share with the whole world, pointed out the director of TZ DSŽ Ivana Vladović and added that this project is not only about food; it is about stories that are passed down from generation to generation, about smells that bring us back to childhood, about tastes that awaken memories.

"Through the Dalmatian brunch, we not only promote our local products and traditional recipes, but also celebrate our culture, our heritage, our love for life. Our guests from Bosnia and Herzegovina are among our most loyal visitors, and therefore we are extremely happy that they visit us every year in all more throughout the year. This growth reflects not only the love of our neighbors for our region, but also the successful cooperation between our destinations and encourages us to continue developing new initiatives and programs to ensure unforgettable experiences for all our visitors.", pointed out Vladović.

Nikica Pažin, Minister Advisor in the office of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce at the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Bosnia and Herzegovina expressed his satisfaction that such an event was held in the heart of Sarajevo. "By the way, I'm a child of the sea from Opatija, a hotelier, a former tourist employee, and I'm glad that this kind of event is being held in Sarajevo, and I think there should be even more of them. Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are countries that traditionally face each other, and tourism is a branch that brings people together, offers something beautiful, good, something new to experience, and Croatia truly offers many such places. Dalmatian food, together with your hospitality, gives a special stamp to that region, and top Dalmatian delicacies should be promoted even more", said Pažin.

The Dalmatian Brunch project was launched by TZ SDŽ last year with the aim of presenting brunch as an authentic Dalmatian meal and an original tourist product, which includes the branding of facilities and producers that use domestic, indigenous products and prepare them in a traditional way.

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On a regular basis, the project is organized and held in the area of ​​Split-Dalmatia County free gastro branding education i culinary master classes.

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During 2023, Croatia was visited by around 530.000 tourists from Bosnia and Herzegovina who spent 2,7 million overnight stays, almost half of which were spent in the Split-Dalmatia County (1,2 million overnight stays). The BiH market is located at 6th place by number of overnight stays in the Split-Dalmatia County.

We are talking about tourists who visit Croatia throughout the year, that is, the market which, in periods outside the summer months, is regularly among the top five markets from which the largest tourist traffic is generated. At the same time, during the past year, significant growth was achieved in the mentioned market compared to 2022.

Namely, at the level of Croatia, there was a 15% increase in arrivals and an 11% increase in overnight stays when it comes to tourists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, while in Split-Dalmatia County there was a 17% increase in arrivals and 13% in overnight stays.

Photo: TZ SDŽ


17. May 2024.