European campers decided: Zaton Holiday Resort is the best camp in Croatia in 2023

Along with a great start to the season, a new recognition has arrived for the famous Zadar camping resort. Zaton Holiday Resort of Zadar company Turisthotel won the n...


12. May 2023.

Along with a great start to the season, a new recognition has arrived for the famous Zadar camping resort.

Zaton Holiday Resort the Turisthotel company from Zadar won a new valuable recognition - ACSI Awards 2023. in the category the best camp in Croatia!

In the strong competition of numerous successful and high-quality camps, guests from Europe rated Zaton Holiday Resort as the best. New in the series of awards is another proof of the quality of the offer and service that this resort near Nin and Zadar offers its guests, who mostly come from Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Austria and Denmark. 

ACSI, the largest European specialist for campsites, with a tradition since 1965 and a base of almost 10.000 rated campsites, after last year's first edition of ACSI Awards, has once again allowed campers across Europe to vote via their website for the best campsites in 10 different categories.

Some of them are "The best camp for children", "The camp with the best sanitary facilities" and "The best sports camp". Last year, Zaton Holiday Resort received the ACSI award for "Best swimming pool in the camp". By the way, top camps from the most developed touristic European countries participate in the competition, which gives the prize even more value. 

That Zaton Holiday Resort is really popular among tourists is confirmed by the great data at the beginning of the season.

Zaton holiday resort 1

Compared to last year, the Resort recorded even 32 percent more overnight stays and this increase applies equally to the camp and the apartment part of the resort. In the current part of the season Poland is the dominant issuing market, followed by the Netherlands, Slovenia, Germany and domestic guests.

In addition to the individual guests who dominate, there are also more group visits in the pre-season, so recently a large international dog show was held at the Resort, and sports union meetings and sports camps are being prepared, which, due to the developed infrastructure, are traditionally held in Zaton at the beginning of the season. 

"Despite the fact that this year we opened the Resort a little later than last year, we are recording excellent business results at the very beginning of the tourist season. An additional reason for optimism is given by the announcements for the sequel, which are also excellent. The satisfaction of our guests is our first priority, and this recognition, which is the result of the guests' votes, makes us particularly happy and serves as an excellent incentive for the entire team to be even better in the future.", commented Meri Matešić Sičić, member of the board of Turisthotel. 

This success is important both for Turisthotel's resort as well as for the entire Zadar region, whose natural beauty and rich historical heritage are increasingly on the lists of top European destinations for visitors. 

Photo: Zaton Holiday Resort


12. May 2023.