Golden Slavonia is an increasingly attractive destination, the number of overnight stays and investments are growing

In the Požega-Slavonia County, a record increase in the number of overnight stays was recorded last year, the growth trend continues this year as well, apartments are being opened, hotels are being built

23. March 2023.

That Požega-Slavonia County hit among domestic and foreign guests is confirmed by the excellent tourism results for last year, in which the largest increase in the number of overnight stays was recorded, by more than 40% compared to the reference and in all parts of Croatia record 2019. 

And most importantly, tourist numbers in Požega-Slavonska County are continuously growing and for the past six years have recorded double-digit growth every year, so this county was chosen to host the recently held coordination of the Croatian Tourist Board with the county's tourist boards. Kutjevo, the most famous wine town in Croatia, was chosen for the largest meeting of the system of tourist boards - which was attended by the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Brnjac and the director of HTZ Kristjan Staničić, the prefect of the Požega-Slavonia County Antonija Jozić and the director of the TZ of the Požega-Slavonia County Maja Jakobović .

Meeting htz mints tz county source tz psz
Meeting of HTZ, MINTS and TZŽ, source of TZ of Požega-Slavonia County

Hotels and villas are opening, the tourist offer is expanding

The great interest of guests in the Golden Slavonija destination, which covers the entire area of ​​Požega-Slavonia County, has influenced investors, so some of the largest investments in tourism in the continental part of Croatia are taking place in this part of Croatia.

For example, the construction of the Shhhuma hotel in Velika, the spa heart of Slavonia, is expected soon, and the first diffused hotel in this area, Zlatni lug, will open in the ambient suburb of Požega. Among the valuable investments are the tourist villas in Lipik, the luxurious mountain village Zvečevo na Papuk with a respectable number of villas of the highest category, the recently opened Bećarca Museum in Pleternica...

Accommodation capacity doubled in six years

In parallel with the increase in the number of overnight stays, the number and quality of the accommodation offer is also increasing, which has doubled in the last six years. Despite the constant opening of new accommodation facilities, demand is continuously higher than supply throughout Slavonia. 

"Although tourism is not the primary economic goal of these regions, but an excellent complement to the subjects of quality offer, the expansion of tourist traffic will continue this year as well. In the strategic development of the destination based on the determinants of the Sustainable Tourism Strategy of the Republic of Croatia until 2030, which focuses on green transformation and quality improvement, we continue with last year's successful projects, but also start new ones", he points out Maja Jakobović, director Požega-Slavonia County Tourist Board

New: Zlatna Slavonija Outdoor

Last year, the County Tourist Board presented an original shift in eno-gastronomy through the direct improvement of the destination's quality with the Zlatna Slavonija Eno&Gastro project, and tourism experts described it as an excellent example of how to strategically develop a destination.

Maja Jakobovic, director of tz psz, author of Borna Subota
Maja Jakobović, Author: Borna Subota

"And in 2023, we will continue with new challenges in the eno-gastro offer and we will not stop only at the food and drink offer. Among the new projects we are preparing is Zlatna Slavonija Outdoor, which will highlight and promote all the activities that this "mountainous" part of Slavonia offers The destination brand Zlatna Slavonija will run through all activities this year, and we will tie the slogan "experience" to all sub-brands in order to complete the whole story., says the director of TZ Požega-Slavonia County, inviting travel lovers to explore and experience the natural beauty, cultural sights and top wine and gourmet experience of Golden Slavonia already this spring.

This Slavonian county is confirmation that systematic, multi-year and quality-oriented work definitely produces results.

Source, photo Croatian tourist agency

Cover photo: Vinogorje Kutjevo, Archives of the TZ PSŽ

23. March 2023.