Gorski Kotar is no longer a transit stop, but has become a reason for domestic and foreign visitors to come

Author  HrTurizam.hr

3. August 2022.

The July figures show that Gorski Kotar is a must-see destination for domestic and foreign visitors, as 17% more overnight stays were achieved compared to 2019, of which 14,5% more overnight stays were generated by foreign visitors, and 21,4% more by domestic visitors. 

Pleasant day and refreshing night temperatures, irresistible natural attractions, characteristic Goran gastronomy, attractive accommodation and a number of interesting possibilities for an active vacation - from swimming in crystal clear rivers and lakes, through bear watching up to 400 km long bicycle paths - really entice visitors to the destination.

By the way, Gorski Kotar already has more than 7 days of attractive content to fill the days and recharge the batteries. From planning and active vacations, restaurants with local offer, to interpretation centers, caves, cultural offerings and a variety of quality accommodation. 

"Our communication is continuously focused on the domestic market, which has given us confidence this year as well as last year. Also, this year's promotional activities have borne fruit because foreign visitors are coming back to us, especially guests from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria, which shows the value of this mountain region, which is only a 20-minute drive from the Adriatic." pointed out Petar Hrg, director of the Tourist Board of Gorski kotar. He said that this year they carefully chose the markets and promotional tools with which they presented the main attributes of the destination.  

Gorski Kotar, what is luxury today 02

A great contribution to excellent results is definitely a great national campaign."What is luxury today?, which the Tourist Board of Gorski Kotar launched this year. Realistically the first real campaign of this type and, more importantly, a well-rounded story. 

It was presented and refreshed with the new campaign visual identity of the destination which was created as a symbiosis of the elements of the Goran region. The combination of the main natural motifs, trees, mountains and water wealth, as well as the typical Goranian architecture embodied a recognizable logo that aims to send the message of a true peaceful vacation in the protection of nature. 

The destination remains true to its slogan irresistible, because the nature of this area is truly divine and unsurpassed. Simply, irresistible. The incredible Gorski Kotar and the narrative: What is luxury? You can read more about the campaign in the appendix, and be sure to watch the campaign video.

/ / / Gorski Kotar's big step forward: The transformation of the tourism brand of Gorski Kotar has begun

At the same time, records were achieved this year compared to 2019, with 16,17% more overnight stays and 13,36% more arrivals, and Gorski Kotar shows that it is a shining example of Croatian tourism that has invested enormous efforts in development destination as well as its promotion. 

It should be noted that this year, private accommodation capacities recorded 48,23% more overnight stays and almost 61% more arrivals compared to the mentioned year 2019, which is a positive trend that shows the justification of investing in higher category accommodation. 

Given that last year's results in the destination were extremely good, this year shows that almost 28% more overnight stays and 21% more arrivals were achieved compared to 2021. 

Author  HrTurizam.hr

3. August 2022.