Grand Hotel 4 Opatija Cvijeta excelled in the 'Most Reviewed Regional Hotel' category for 2023.

FastReview® Global Awards: Awarded based on excellent guest ratings and reviews.


15. March 2024.

Grand Hotel 4 Opatija Cvijeta received the prestigious award as the hotel with the most reviews in the region for 2023 according to ratings FastReview® Global Awards.

This award is given on the basis of excellent ratings and guest reviews, which makes Grand Hotel 4 Opatija Cvijeta stand out among the leading hotels in the region.

Grand Hotel 4 Opatijska Cvijeta is located in the very heart of Opatija on the Lungomare promenade, surrounded by beautiful gardens right next to the sea, which makes it a place where tradition meets modernity, and hospitality meets modern luxury.

"For us, the FastReview® Global Awards is more than recognition. This is proof that our effort and dedication to creating unforgettable experiences has a real effect. We dedicate this recognition to our professional team that works tirelessly to ensure that every guest feels the specialness of their stay with us. We also thank the FastReview® Global Awards for recognizing our efforts and work." he said Goran Todoranović, director of the Grand Hotel 4 Opatija Cvijeta

The FastReview® Global Awards is an annual awards program that recognizes excellence in the hospitality, restaurant services and tourism sectors globally.

Grand hotel, the most rated hotel in the region for 2023

"I am extremely glad that Amadria Park Grand Hotel 4 Opatija Cvijeta found itself in the company of the truly renowned winners of the FastReview® Global Awards for 2023. As one of the winners in the "Most Reviewed Regional Hotel" category, they proved the quality of the domestic offer and achieved a prominent position alongside prestigious world hotels such as Conrad Dubai, Hilton Dubai Palm Jumeirah, Hilton Bahrain, Emirates Palace Mandarin Oriental, St. Regis Doha and Sun Siyam Iru Veli Maldives. Recognizing the quality and advantage of FastReview®, Amadria Park Grand Hotel 4 Opatijska Cvijeta placed FastReview® hardware in every room of the hotel and thereby got a larger number of reviews, as well as feedback from the guests themselves, faster. This enabled the hotel employees to immediately react and correct any defects, while the guests are still present in the hotel." he said Petar Aračić, FastReview® CEO.

Amadria Park is a family business with a long tradition and as such is synonymous with a warm family atmosphere and special attention to every detail. Grand Hotel 4 Opatija Cvijeta will continue to focus on innovation and excellence in all aspects of its offer, always striving to exceed guests' expectations.

This award serves as an inspiration for further improvement and setting new standards in tourism and catering.

PHOTO: Grand Hotel 4 Opatija Cvijeta / illustration: hrturism


15. March 2024.