Hotel Bernarda, worth eight million euros, was opened in Varaždinske Toplice

In Varaždinske Toplice, a new modern building - Hotel Bernarda, whose investment value is more than eight million euros, was officially opened. Large...


27. May 2024.

A new modern facility was officially opened in Varaždinske Toplice - Hotel Bernarda, whose investment value is more than eight million euros.

Great news for the town of Varaždinske toplice, as well as for the entire county, as well as for the well-known entrepreneur and company owner Bernarda Cecelja, whose desire and vision to open a hotel in her town in 2015 turned into reality. 

The newly opened hotel has 27 rooms and contains a Finnish, Turkish and infrared sauna, a salt room, balneo baths and an indoor and outdoor pool. In addition, additional facilities include a restaurant, a pizzeria and an additional 20 accommodation units. Physical therapy has an important place in the Wellness Center, and there is also a Pilates studio on offer. As the owner and director of the company emphasized Bernard Cecelj, the great desire to restore her city was created in 2015.

"Almost ten years ago, I realized that the vision of Varaždinske Toplice had to change. In the period up to 2018, we collected data, bought old and dilapidated houses, conducted a study on acceptability, and finally in 2018, the realization of our idea began. After many problems, we reached the moment of opening a four-star hotel with modern content, such as wellness with Finnish, Turkish and infrared saunas and a salt room, physical treatments, all with the use of thermal water. In addition, we also offer a special pilates program based on the basi system," said Cecelja.

She added that she has information that Hotel Bernarda is the first hotel in the Republic of Croatia with such a recreational offer.

"I believe that this opening of the Hotel is a big plus, that is, a big flywheel for the development of tourism not only in Varaždin Spas and Varaždin County, but also in the entire continental tourism." said Cecelja.

Let's add that during the implementation of this project, a loan of three million euros was used, and the rest was covered from our own funds.

The ceremonial opening of the four-star hotel was also attended by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia, Andrej Plenković, who in his speech referred to the opening of the National Rehabilitation Center for people with diseases and spinal cord injuries, and indicated that EUR 17 million was recently awarded to the Minerva Special Hospital.

"In addition to your tradition, thermal waters, and heritage since Roman times, Varaždinske Toplice give a special stamp to Varaždin County and the entire north of Croatia, which is developing brilliantly as a university, cultural and historical center, with a huge emphasis on economy and tourism. I will remind you that in the last eight years, in our two mandates, when it comes to tourism, and I'm only talking about income, in 2016 we had 8,1 billion euros in income from tourism, and last year ended with 14,6 billion euros in income and that is an increase of 80 percent. Arrivals and overnight stays are in the range of 20 million arrivals and 110 million overnight stays, and such a multiplier in relation to the number of inhabitants as Croatia has, which is five times, there is no other tourist destination in the Mediterranean. This means that in terms of tourism, which brings in slightly more than 20 percent of Croatian GDP, we are very much on the right track. Based on information from Minister Glavina and the Croatian Tourist Board, the pre-season was great, better than last year, and the general atmosphere is such that this year should also be great in terms of tourism," said the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia, Andrej Plenković, and referred in particular to continental tourism.

"What makes me particularly happy is our orientation to continue to balance tourism in the continental part of Croatia as much as possible, and I think that we are more and more successful in attracting guests and tourists to those parts of Croatia that are not necessarily on the beautiful Croatian coast. For this reason, within the NPOO, we tried to allocate a large part of the funds with a lot of engagement and interpretation to the European Commission specifically for tourism, and the largest part of the investments went towards continental tourism. Your investment, Ms. Cecelja, which is completely private, shows the strength, energy and power of creating such a beautiful hotel in a great destination based on your own funds from the business investment plan and all based on the production of beds and bed systems and widely known mattresses." concluded Plenković.

The ceremony was also attended by Varaždin Prefect Anđelko Stričak, who said that the City of Varaždinska Toplice, like in a fairy tale, has been a sleeping beauty that is waking up for many years.

"In these last few years, a lot of money, effort and love have been invested in this city, and numerous projects have been realized for which the citizens of Varaždin Spas, as well as Varaždin County, have been waiting for ten or twenty years. Thanks to private investors, in this case Bernarda Cecelja, a native of Topličan, who saw the enormous potential hidden in the modern health resort of the oldest spa in this region and her investment, Varaždinske Toplice will become the pearl of Croatian health tourism." concluded Prefect Anđelko Stričak.

Even the mayor of Varaždinske Toplice, Dragica Ratković, did not hide her satisfaction with the new hotel.

"I congratulate our great, successful entrepreneur Bernarda Cecelja on the newly opened Hotel Bernarda. We are once again witnessing the results of her extraordinary effort and energy that she invests in every segment of her work, and this time the result is a hotel with an offer that no other hotel in Croatia has. This is really a big deal for continental tourism, and especially for Varaždinske Toplice, we got a new tourist asset that will attract even more visitors to our city", said Mayor Ratković.

Photo / Source: Varaždin County



27. May 2024.