In October, Hvar will host one of the biggest sporting events - the World Championship in Spartan races


February 16, 2024.

The upcoming SPARTAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP HVAR, CROATIA, which will be held at the announcement press conference held at Hotel Zonar, in Zagreb, was revealed from 10 to 13 October 2024 on the island of Hvar, in the town of Hvar. The Spartan Race World Championship will be one of the biggest sporting events to be held in Croatia and the region.

The expected number of more than 3.000 competitors from more than 30 countries of the world speaks in favor of this, as does the fact that the event will be provided with national and international TV coverage in more than 40 foreign broadcasting markets.

On Thursday, October 10, 2024, along with the parade of nations and the ceremonial opening, the four-day spectacle will begin in which athletes will compete in three different disciplines - obstacle races at 100 meters, five kilometers and ten kilometers. Although the biggest motivation for each of the competitors will be the desire to be crowned world champion, it is important to note that a generous prize fund of EUR 100.000 has been secured, which is the largest prize fund in the history of the Spartan World Championships. Special excitement is certainly brought by the 100-meter hurdles discipline, which, precisely because of its dynamic and televised character, will be part of the Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 2028.

The press conference witnessed the exceptional support of those without whom the realization of the event would not have been possible, including Tomislav Druzak, State Secretary of the Central State Office for Sports, Rikard Novak, Mayor of the Town of Hvar, Stipe Čogelja, Deputy Prefect of the Split-Dalmatia County, and Joe De Sena, Executive Director Spartan among others. Their enthusiastic approval reflects the monumental importance of the event.

Spartan na Hvar press conference in Zagreb 2

"From the beginning of the mandate, this government recognized the importance of holding large sports events and all the positive things they bring, from the promotion of sports to economic benefits and ultimately their great contribution to the development of year-round tourism, which is one of our important strategic goals. So far, we have co-financed more of 120 major sports events worth around 40 million euros, and this year alone we will allocate 13 million euros for this purpose.This includes the world and European championships, as well as all the competitions that make Croatia recognized in the world as a sports nation The Spartan World Championship Hvar, Croatia is a competition that positions Croatia in another sport, and with its organization will certainly strengthen the image of our country as a country of sports and an excellent host.", the arrival of the world championship in Spartan races to Croatia, through the prism of the strategic goals of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, was commented by the State Secretary of the Central State Office for Sports, Tomislav Druzak.

"I am extremely glad that the city of Hvar has been chosen as the host of the Spartan Race World Championship and that we will have the opportunity to show the beauty and hospitality of Hvar, Dalmatia and Croatia not only to the competitors, but through media coverage, and to spectators around the world. The positioning of this race, to the island, and also in the month of October, is the implementation of the plan and strategy of sustainable tourism implemented by the Ministry of Tourism, which aims to shift the focus from the main tourist months to the pre- and post-season, and I believe that this race will emphasize the potential that the island has outside of the summer months I believe that this race, in addition to the logistical and financial support of the Town of Hvar and the Tourist Board of the Town of Hvar, will also have the support of the local population, not only through participation in the logistical part, but that everyone will recognize the energy brought by the organizers and participants and that they will be actively involved in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. The Spartan race is a real example of how sport, tourism and the local community can be connected, and I hope that this is the basis for future cooperation and sports events on Hvar.", said the mayor of Hvar, Ricardo Novak, emphasizing the transformative impact that the event will have on the city and island of Hvar.

SPARTAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP HVAR, CROATIA will attract international athletes and adventure enthusiasts, creating an effect that will benefit different sectors, from hospitality to local businesses, confirming Croatia's status as a leading global sports destination.

"I am delighted that the Spartan Racing World Championship will be held on Hvar and I think this event will really put Croatia on the map as a top destination for extreme sports. I think this competition will be a fantastic opportunity to promote our country around the world. I can't wait to see how Croatia will be this autumn on Hvar", he stressed Valent Sinković, the famous Croatian Olympian and one of the biggest sportsmen-promoters of Croatia, who believes that the world championship on Hvar will greatly contribute to the promotion of our country.

"We are extremely pleased to support the Spartan World Championship, another top event of exceptional importance for the tourism promotion and recognition of the Split-Dalmatia County at the world level. sustainable tourism, which we started with the opening of the Center for Education and Visitors in Dugopolje and the accompanying brand Skrivena Dalmacija", shared his opinion on the significance of the arrival of this international sports spectacle in Split-Dalmatia County, Vice-Prefect of Split-Dalmatia County, Stipe Čogelja.

Spartan na Hvar press conference in Zagreb 3

CEO of Spartan, Joe De Sena, points out his satisfaction with the fact that, along with the Spartan Race in Sveta Nedelja and the Spartan Trail in Dubrovnik, the Spartan World Championship is also coming to Croatia:

"Spartan World Championship Hvar is probably the most important event in our, Spartan's, global calendar of events in 2024. The location where it will be held, the town of Hvar, amazes me with its spectacular beauty and unique environment. I believe that Hvar will host one of the best Spartan events ever. The sea, the mild climate and the incredible hospitality of the people in Croatia will be an unforgettable experience for all the competitors of the event, which is extremely important to me as the owner of the brand. This event represents the pinnacle of our work and dedication, and we look forward to it."

Holding the Spartan World Championship Hvar would not be possible without the wholehearted support of the event's main partners, which the project manager Jurica Barac did not fail to mention:

"We are faced with the challenge of organizing the Spartan World Championship on Hvar, but without the support of the event's key partners, first of all the Government of the Republic of Croatia, i.e. the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the city of Hvar, the Split-Dalmatia County and our commercial partners, this challenge would not even exist. Their commitment and engagement are already showing a key role in the preparation and organization of this great event. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our partners for their support, which will be necessary in the next stages of planning and implementation. Without their contribution, bringing the Spartan World Championship to Hvar would not really be possible, therefore, I am looking forward to a successful collaboration that will enable the realization of this spectacle."

The holding of the world championship in Spartan races on Hvar is planned for 2024, 2025 and 2026, while for the current year the Government of the Republic of Croatia has approved co-financing of the project in the amount of 1,5 million euros, which covers a significant part of the total cost of holding the event of almost three million euros. The hotel chain Sunčani Hvar and Carwiz are one of the first commercial sponsors who recognized the significance and value of the event, and it is with their support that the realization of the world championship will be at the top level.

Entrance to the event will be free for spectators, while those who are eager to be part of the spectacle will have the opportunity to become event volunteers or register for competitions in amateur competitions and disciplines.

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February 16, 2024.