Ludbreš horseradish became the 48th Croatian product with a protected name in the European Union


3. April 2024.

'Ludbreški horseradish' has received a European protected designation of geographical origin, the European Commission announced in the Official Journal of the European Union on April 3, 2024. 

Thus, this product name was entered in the register of protected marks of origin and protected marks of geographical origin and protected throughout the European Union.

The EU sign of the protected designation of origin or the protected designation of geographical origin on the packaging guarantees the purchase to the consumer authentic product

The procedure for the protection of the name 'Ludbreški hren' was initiated by the EUVITA Cluster for Rural Development and Entrepreneurship from Varaždin, which submitted a request to the Ministry of Agriculture for the protection of the designation of geographical origin under the name 'Ludbreški hren'.       

'Ludbreški horseradish' is the root of a vegetable crop obtained by cultivating a wild horseradish plant that, as an autochthonous species and a protected variety of the same name, grows exclusively in the area Varaždin County.

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The root of 'Ludbreško horseradish' represents the underground part of the root and is often branched, cylindrical, thickened and fleshy and has a recognizable and regular, slightly conical shape with a round cross-section. It is characterized by its spiciness, sharpness and refreshing taste, and it is consumed as a fresh product, primarily as a side dish and addition to dishes.

In addition to the natural characteristics of the production area, the key human factor for the production of 'Ludbreška horseradish' is the traditional method of planting and knowledge of horseradish cultivation technology, which are important for maintaining the characteristics of the preserved variety.

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Cultivation skills are important from the preparation of the seedlings to the finishing of the roots for the market, and the specificity is also the finishing of the plant during the growing season and the recognition of the optimal degree of maturity in order to finally obtain a root with a recognizable shape and sensory properties.

You can view the product specification HERE.

The Republic of Croatia now has 48 products whose name is registered in the European Union as a protected designation of origin or a protected designation of geographical origin, and are kept in the register for agricultural and food products.

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In addition to the now registered name Ludbreški horseradish, the names of the products are also registered: Samoborski bermet, Krčki prosciutto, Cres extra virgin olive oil, Neretva mandarin, Ogulin sauerkraut / Ogulin sauerkraut, Baranjski kulen, Lič potato, Istrian prosciutto / Istrian prosciutto, Drniški prosciutto . lamb, Istria, Pag salt, Zagorski millinci, Pag cheese, Bjelovar kvargl, Brač varenik, Varaždin klipič, Malostonska enica, Minarska greblica, Dalmatian pečenica, Dalmatian pancetta, Lika skripavac, Brač olive oil, Zagorski acacia honey, Zagorski štrukli / Zagorski struklji , Meat of Istrian cattle - boškarina / Meat of Istrian cattle - boškarina, Samobor chešnivka / Samobor chešnofka, Lumblija, Goran honey, Dalmatian lamb, Slavonian sausage, Komi hornbeam, Novigrad mussel, Varaždin pumpkin oil, Meat of Turopolska pig and Meat of black Slavonian pig.

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3. April 2024.