Makarska introduces round-trip transportation with electric minibuses

This April, for the first time in the area of ​​Makarska and Veliki Brdo, a round line transport with two electric minibuses will start operating. 


27. March 2024.

This April, for the first time in the area of ​​Makarska and Veliki Brdo, traffic will begin circular line transport with two electric minibuses. 

The main goal of the project is to improve the traffic situation in the city as well as to raise the quality of local life.

Currently, two vans are provided and scheduled stops at the following locations: Dugiš, Pijaca, Sinokoša, Dumina ledina, Ratac, occasional stop Veliko brdo and Zelenka 1, Zelenka 2 and POS.

One circular line will include Veliko Brdo station according to the scheduled timetable, while the other line will operate only in the area of ​​Makarska, in order to ensure a high frequency of departures.

"Điro will make it easier to move around the city, contribute to the reduction of traffic jams and greenhouse gas emissions. To begin with, we provided two 8+1 vans, and the goal is the organization of comprehensive electric circular transportation. Our priority is to minimize the cost, therefore we did not start megalomaniacally, but over time, when we assess the need in the field, we will expand the scope.- said the mayor of Makarska Zoran Paunović stressing that the lines will be changed in the intermediate stages and new bus stations will be opened in order to make Điro even more economical and accessible to citizens.

During April, the ride will be free for all citizens, and the first ride is planned for Wednesday, April 3.

From May 1 to June 15, the price of the ticket will be €0,5 per ride, while during the season, from June 15 to September 15, the ticket will cost €2. Pensioners, students and socially vulnerable people will, the mayor emphasized, ride with the help of the passes at a price of one euro per month. 

"Điro is currently in its first phase, and eventually we will have circular transportation that will be done with the help of electric minibuses. As time goes on, we will receive more information about the preferences of citizens and our guests and adjust the stations and frequency of departures. Efficient public transport is one of the key prerequisites for improving the traffic situation in any city, and I am especially happy for our pensioners, for whom Điro will certainly improve their quality of life." concluded the mayor.

Let's add that interested parties can find information about Điro, as well as the timetable here.

Photos: Geir Ormseth from Pixabay / City of Makarska / Illustration: tourism


27. March 2024.