Rudi Grula: Međimurje has been developing smart, innovative and sustainable tourism for 15 years


10. October 2022.

Međimurje was declared the destination of the year in the category of the most successful sustainable tourism destination (innovative and smart destination), on the occasion of the Croatian Tourism Day in Šibenik. 

In great competition with Mali Lošinj and Stari Grad on Hvar, Međimurje won the title of destination of the year in the category of the most successful sustainable tourism destination (innovative and smart destination), which is another confirmation of good thinking and strategy of tourism, but also of excellent cooperation of all stakeholders in the tourism and service sector.

This award is the result of many years of work by all tourism stakeholders in Međimurje, but also much more widely, he emphasizes Rudi Grula, director of TZ Međimurje County and adds that a sustainable destination must meet various criteria: from the criteria of waste, waste water, nature protection, inclusion of cultural heritage in tourism... and what is crucial is the satisfaction of the local community.

"In this sense, we can say that Međimurje is really developing smart, innovative and sustainable tourism for the last 10-15 years. This award is proof that the efforts of the men and women of Međimurje are recognized. We believe that this is just another big step forward, because now it is necessary to justify this award. Every guest who comes to Međimurje must really experience true sustainability. This is our long-term goal, but also our lifestyle and all our economic efforts go in that direction. The potential is huge, and we are ready to provide such an experience to tourists." states Grula. 

This is only part of the results in tourism that Međimurje can boast of in recent years, and this important recognition came just a few weeks after the rural Međimurje holiday home Lina was awarded the Ecolabel certificate, making this Međimurje house the first private accommodation facility in Croatia to be awarded such a label.

Awarded to Medimurje as the most successful sustainable tourism destination on the 12th

/ / / The Međimurska holiday home is the first private accommodation facility in Croatia to receive the European Ecolabel certificate

"In a year when sustainable tourism is the most talked about in Croatia, but also on a global level, Međimurje won the award for the most successful destination of sustainable tourism. This shows how far Međimurje has progressed in this segment as well, because sustainable tourism implies investment in cultural heritage, natural beauty, enogastronomy, environmental protection, waste management and the percentage of separation, thus a broader spectrum of what we are proud of in Međimurje and which is part of our identity. This award, like all the previous ones, is the merit of every person from Međimurje who diligently contributes to Međimurje the most organized part of Croatia.", said Prefect of Međimurje County Matija Posavec.

Along with this recognition, Međimurje also received another one Terme Sveti Martin which are declared the best wellness hotel in Croatia, and the award was accepted by the director of Terma Nuša Korotaj.

"Receiving this award is another great honor and a sign that Terme Sveti Martin is one of the leaders of continental tourism in Croatia. I am proud that my long-term efforts have been recognised of all my colleagues because they are the ones most deserving of this very important award and confirmation. Terme Sveti Martin has grown over the years from an ordinary public bath to the first Spa in Europe, which places the health and well-being of its guests at the center of its business. Our desire is to offer each guest something unique and different, quality services based on domestic, local and autochthonous. This makes us different from other summer resorts of this type, as evidenced by the recently received main award in the category of best innovative spa education awarded by the European Spas Association. Such recognitions confirm that we are boldly walking the right path, but they are also a great motivation for developing our ideas, creating new programs and striving to be even better at what we do." Korotaj concluded.

By the way, Terme Sveti Martin is the first hotel in Croatia to carry the prestigious EU Ecolabel. The EU Ecolabel is a mark that promotes ecological excellence, that is, it helps identify products and services that have a reduced impact on the environment, from the initial phase of raw material use, through production, to their use and final disposal. 

/ / / Example of good practice: Terme Sveti Martin as a guide to what tourism in Croatia should look like

An agency from Međimurje County was among the finalists Wanderlust of travel from Podbrest nominated in the category of small travel agencies.

Photo: Međimurje County



10. October 2022.