In 2024, Slovenia will have 10 restaurants with a Michelin star

Hiša Franko with chef Ana Roš once again shines with three stars, but also keeps its green star.


19. June 2024.

Slovenian gastronomy once again recorded a remarkable success. The Michelin guide for Slovenia lists 63 restaurants this year, four more than last year. Hiša Franko with Ana Roš kept its highest rating of three stars, while restaurant Milka with David Žefran was again awarded two stars by the Michelin judges. 

Eight restaurants have one star, including the newcomer Pavus. This ranks Slovenia among the European gastronomic superpowers. Five new restaurants have been awarded the Bib Gourmand for excellent value for money. 

Eight restaurants also boast a Green Star for sustainability, making Slovenia once again the first European country in terms of the number of Michelin green stars per capita.

Hiša Franko

The famous Michelin guide highlighted the best Slovenian restaurants for the fifth time in a row, confirming the top quality, sustainability and diversity of Slovenian gastronomy. Hiša Franko with chef Ana Roš shines again with three stars, but also retains its green star, making it one of only 145 restaurants with three stars in the world and 33 restaurants in the world that have been awarded both three and a green star. 

Ana Roš is also one of the eight chefs in the world who have three Michelin stars. She is also one of only two chefs of global proportions who have combined three Michelin stars with the prestigious green star recognition for sustainability.

Other restaurants in this year's Michelin guide for Slovenia also achieved excellent results, Milka and chef David Žefran kept two stars from the previous year, and eight restaurants won one Michelin star. Among them is the newcomer restaurant Pavus headed by Chef Marko Pavčnik from Laško.

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Restaurants with one Michelin star:

  • COB, Chef Filip Matjaž;
  • Dam, Chef Uroš Fakuč;
  • Inn at Lojzet, Chef Tomaž Kavčič;
  • Grič, Chef Luka Košir;
  • House Denk, Chef Gregor Vračko;
  • House Linhart, Chef Uroš Štefelin;
  • Pavus, Chef Marko Pavčnik;
  • Strelec, Chef Igor Jagodic.

In addition, eight restaurants can boast a Michelin green star, and Galerija Okusov and chef Marko Magajne are the latest winners, highlighting Slovenia's leading position in Michelin green stars per capita.

Michelin Green Star restaurants:

  • Okusov Gallery, Chef Marko Magajne
  • Gostilna Kristof, Chef Uroš Gorjanc
  • Gostilna Repovž, Chef Grega Repovž
  • Grič, Chef Luka Košir
  • Hiša Franko, Chef Ana Roš
  • Hiša Linhart, Chef Uroš Štefelin
  • Mahorčič, Chef Ksenija Krajšek Mahorčič
  • Špacapanova House, Chef Ago Špacapan

This year, 10 restaurants were recognized in the Bib Gourmand category, and new restaurants Faladur Restaurant & Winebar, Kodila, Lalu, Majerca restaurant and Triangel restaurant joined the list.

Bib Gourmand restaurants:

  • Faladur Restaurant & Winebar
  • Inn on the Town
  • Hotel Reich
  • Inn September
  • Joseph
  • Codela
  • Lalu
  • Mahorčič
  • Majerca Restaurant
  • Triangle Restaurant

A total of 63 restaurants are listed in the guide, and 43 restaurants are in the Selected category. New to the selection are A3 (Brestanica), Table for Four (Zgornja Polskava), Pen Klub (Ljubljana) and Repovž (Šentjanž).

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Photo: Pexels
Source: Slovenian Tourist Board


19. June 2024.