Strudle Week and Štrudlafest - hundreds of flavors in two weeks at a record 41 locations

In Karlovac County, from August 28 to September 10, all roads lead to strudels.


22. August 2023.

Štrudlafest begins with Strudle Week - which will actually last for two weeks - in which no less than 41 facilities from Karlovac County will participate. It all starts on August 28 as the announcement of Štrudlafest, which takes place from September 1 to 3, and will last until September 10, 2023. 

"We can say that Strudle Week has really come to life and that it has been well received, both by restaurateurs and residents and guests of our county, so this year we have a record number of 41 establishments in all five cities and six municipalities of Karlovac County. there will be hundreds of different flavors, as well as some interesting things, such as Tesla's special strudel. We know that Tesla was vegan, so the strudel is also on that track, but for now I would not reveal the secret of this special strudel.", he said at today's press conference Željko Fanjak, director of the Karlovac County Tourist Board.

The upcoming period, therefore, is reserved for everyone strudel lovers because the Karlovac County will soon become the absolute sweetest in Croatia. Strudles will be offered by restaurateurs from the areas of Karlovac, Ogulin, Rakovica, Ozlje, Jaškovo, Netretić, Josipdol, Slunj, Duga Resa, Vojnić, Ribnik and Bosiljev.

After two weeks overture, coming up Strudelfest in Jaškovo, announced the coordinator of the event Lidija Žganjer Gržetić. Željko Fanjak additionally expressed his satisfaction with the large number of involved restaurateurs who contribute to this year's strudelmania and the tourist development of the region. Strudle Week certainly strengthens the position and brands Karlovac County as an interesting gastronomic destination.

The prefect also invited to taste as many different flavors of this delicacy as possible Martina Furdek Hajdin. She especially emphasized the importance of nurturing tradition, the way in which "our grandmothers and mothers prepared strudel".

Strudel week It is held for the seventh time in Karlovac County, and now in all well-known catering facilities. The most locations, as many as 14, are located in Karlovac. More than 14 different flavors of strudel will be on offer at the aforementioned 30 locations.

The small village of Jaškovo, from which everything started by breaking the Guinness record for preparing the longest strudel in the world, will be the center of fun and enjoyment from September 1 to 3 - during the Štrudlafest.

"Those 41 establishments are proof of how well the Karlovac County Strudle Week has come to life in the field, among people, among those who prepare the strudel and among those who come to the strudel. The Karlovac County Strudle Week is definitely an event that strengthens the position and brands Karlovac County as a gastronomic destination", Lidija Žganjer Gržetić, the founder of Štrudlafest, said at the press conference.

"The gastronomic offer is one of the important segments of the Karlovac experience for all visitors and tourists", said the city's head of economy Daniela Peris. She added that throughout the year, restaurants in Karlovac are encouraged to attract guests to the city with a variety of gastronomic offers.

In Panorama, which has been participating in Strudle Week for several years, these desserts will be offered at symbolic prices. "Sometimes we know how to serve them to our guests in the morning with coffee, instead of a roll. In addition to the three classic flavors - salty or sweet cheese and apple, which people ask for the most - in Strudle Week there will also be strudel with plums, forest fruits, apricots, peaches", said the manager of the restaurant Vlasta Klobučar.

Photo: Demjan Rožman


22. August 2023.