Terme Sveti Martin received a new award for the innovative employee appreciation initiative at the HR Days conference

Terme Sveti Martin are once again at the top of the best practices. Terme Sveti Martin is already known to everyone for its sustainable way of doing business and innovative...

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10. May 2024.

Terme Sveti Martin are once again at the top of the best practices.

Terme Sveti Martin is already known to everyone for its sustainable way of doing business and innovative ideas with which they continuously show why they are one of the best spas in Croatia, and this time with their project "Summer party thanks to the team" they profiled themselves as one of the best HR practices in the category of small and medium-sized companies. 

Redefining the evaluation of human potential

This time, with their project "Summer party thanks to the team", they won 2nd place in the category of best HR regional practices for small and medium-sized companies at the respected HR Day conference organized by MojPosao.

This recognition emphasizes prioritizing the well-being and appreciation of employees. The project is deeply rooted in the spa's business strategy, positioning it not only as a top destination for relaxation but also as a workplace that values ​​its human potential.


This highlights their commitment to professional development, job satisfaction and a harmonious working environment, which nowadays is one of the most important factors of a satisfied employee.

A project that destroys traditional hierarchies

What sets Terme Sveti Martin apart is a practical approach and a management team that leads by example.

The project "Summer party thanks to the team" is not just another "party for employees", but a proactive approach to employee appreciation that goes beyond traditional and classical methods, which characterizes it as original, innovative and creative, precisely because directors and department heads Terme Sveti Martin actively participate as waiters and cooks, serving and cooking for your valued team members while they on they relax for a day and feel like resort guests.

This gesture not only reinforces the company's commitment to value and support each team member, but also breaks down traditional hierarchies and celebrates diverse talents within the organization.

video_Summer party thanks to the team from Terme Sveti Martin on Vimeo.

Terme Sveti Martin initiated this project to express gratitude to the hardworking team and celebrate their dedication to their daily tasks, fostering a culture of gratitude, friendship and mutual respect.

Encouraging an inclusive work environment

Terme Sveti Martin stands out as an inclusive workplace, and certificates such as "Family Friendly Company", "Health Friendly Company" and LGBTIQ+ Labor Law Employer reflect the company's commitment to supporting diversity and adapting to the needs of all employees, ensuring that they feel respected and valued.

Term Sveti Martin's dedication to the continuous well-being of its employees exceeds many expectations.

As an LGBTIQ+ Labor Law Employer, the organization promotes a culture of inclusivity and acceptance, ensuring that all employees feel respected and valued for who they are, with zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind.

A company that is a friend of health

Directors and managers in 2023

In addition, being a health-friendly company highlights the company's commitment to providing a healthy work environment, while being a family-friendly company reflects their efforts to accommodate the needs of employees with families.

The recent recognition at HR Days is proof of Terme Sveti Martin's ongoing commitment to fostering a workplace culture that celebrates diversity, prioritizes employee well-being and recognizes the invaluable contributions of each team member. As the company continues to evolve and innovate, it remains steadfast in its commitment to creating an inclusive, supportive and rewarding work environment for all.

Photo: Terme Sveti Martin

Author  HrTurizam Promo

10. May 2024.