The eighth Tuna, Sushi & Wine Festival in this year's format more than justified the importance of this true Zadar event

This year's, the eighth Tuna, Sushi & Wine Festival in a new and expanded edition, proved that the most important annual gastronomic-tourist...


17. April 2024.
This year, the eighth in a row Tuna, Sushi & Wine Festival in the new and expanded edition proved that it is the most important annual gastronomic-tourist and entertainment manifestation of the Tourist Board of the city of Zadar.
Gastronomic because it celebrates and strongly participates in the branding of blue fish (and all other food from the sea) as the most important food product that Zadar and its region have. Again, the strong inclusion of Pelagos Net Farma, Jadran tuna, Kali tuna, Cromaris and Marikomerc, mariculture companies from Zadar, in this project, i.e. the presentation of the best that these companies grow and put on the market, and of course in the world, adds to the Festival the dimension of a kind of fair of good, authentic ingredients and turning them into top dishes. Ilirija Tourism Company also strongly rejoined the festival, resulting in a memorable and enjoyable evening at the Arsenal.

The open part of the festival on Petr Zoranić Square and the dishes of great chefs such as Zirojević, Križanović, young Kalmeta and Sučić, and street food creatives from Picnic and Burgers & More held the event at a high gastronomic level.
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In terms of tourism, this year the date of the event has been excellently determined. The first pre-season guests arrived in large numbers, they would say 'the city was full of tourists', and in Zadar they were appropriately welcomed by a tempting offer of good dishes from the sea.
It is quite certain that he will remember his visit to Zadar for the Tuna, Sushi & Wine Festival. Concerts and workshops organized as part of the multi-day event attracted a lot of local people to the festival tent on Zoranić Square, giving the impression that this is not the beginning of spring but summer at its peak.
In addition to all that, several large groups of premium travel agents and tour operators from all over the world arrived in Zadar right at the time of the TSW Festival, more precisely several hundred participants of the prestigious tourist B2B event in Lošinj. In Zadar, they enjoyed great seafood snacks prepared for them by Iliri's team, and food for the reception of important agents was donated by the Zadar fish farming and processing companies Pelagos Net Farma, Jadran Tuna, Kali Tuna, Cromaris and Marikomerc.
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The Tuna, Sushi & Wine Festival changes its face and content year after year in meaningful nuances and has more than justified its existence and format, and is most certainly aiming to become one of the most important gastronomic and tourist events in Croatia in the next few years.
Photo: Matija Lipar / Source: TZG Zadar / Cover photo: Illustration of hrturism


17. April 2024.