Turopolje pig as a recognizable brand in Zagreb County restaurants

Investing in knowledge will contribute to easier achievement of set goals and accelerated development of tourism in Zagreb County, which is recording an increase in the number of visitors


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24. March 2022.

From March 22 to 24, 2022, chefs from the Zagreb County got acquainted with the quality of Turopolje pigs, the preparation of meat and dishes from Turopolje pigs, as well as the modern method of preparation. 

The Turopolje pig does not tolerate industrial breeding indoors, but needs forest nutrition and a lot of exercise, and it takes a full two years to reach maturity. However, it is these facts that make this breed of pig highly valued - especially from a gastronomic point of view. Turopolje pig it is one of the symbols of Turopolje, but also great potential for the development of tourism and agriculture.

The City of Velika Gorica and the Noble Municipality of Turopolje are jointly implementing programs to encourage the breeding of Turopolje pigs and the placement of meat products. The goal is for the Turopolje pig to become a recognizable brand present in the restaurants of the Zagreb County. To this end, the Zagreb County Tourist Board in cooperation with the Baltazar Zaprešić Polytechnic organized a workshop led by famous chefs Tomislav Špiček and Raul Lajtman.

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Investing in knowledge will certainly contribute to easier achievement of the set goals and accelerated development of tourism in Zagreb County, which from year to year records an increase in visitors, but also the number of active stakeholders in tourism and tourism products that have become recognizable.

"Raising the quality of the entire destination is one of the primary tasks, and by investing in education as well as in the implementation of projects, we are confidently moving towards our goals.", emphasizes Ivana Alilović, director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board.

The zero-kilometer policy has not only a socio-economic but also an environmental aspect through sustainable development, because reducing the distance between places of production and consumption reduces transport costs and fuel consumption, and more importantly encourages the local economy, especially small family farms.

The first step is education, branding, networking and then promotion, so that the Zagreb County Tourist Board is on the right track and fulfills its primary function. Turopolje pig must be a recognizable brand in the restaurants of Zagreb County, and that is why this step forward is worthy of praise.

If only there were more examples like this. 

It should be noted that the Zagreb County Tourist Board has positioned the Turopolje truffle a few years ago, and the story is already complete, both with the inclusion of Turopolje truffles in the gastronomic offer of restaurants in Zagreb County and an excellent tourist product - black truffle hunting in Turopolje meadow.

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Photos: Zagreb County Tourist Board

Author  HrTurizam.hr

24. March 2022.