Vukovar-Srijem County got 40 new employees trained to work in tourism

Given the rich cultural heritage in Vukovar-Srijem County, a large number of historical sites, cultural heritage, cultural institutions and cultural events, cultural tourism is recognized as a carrier of tourism development ...

Given the rich cultural heritage in Vukovar-Srijem County, a large number of historical sites, cultural heritage, cultural institutions and cultural events, cultural tourism is recognized as a carrier of tourism development in VSC.

Because Slavonia offers countless opportunities for development in tourism Technical University Vinkovci as part of the project "New knowledge for new jobs in tourism in VSC" decided to give its contribution and provide the most vulnerable age groups in the labor market with education in the tourism sector and thus facilitate their employability and competitiveness in the labor market.

According to preliminary research in Vukovar-Srijem County, it turned out that there is a need for staff in the area animations in active tourism, interpreting through animators for cultural tourism and developing new tourism arrangements through sales and marketing managers in tourism.

The aim of the project was to enable the integration of unemployed people into the social life of the community through the acquisition of new skills, improving knowledge and encouraging active inclusion in the labor market through the development of three education programs in accordance with defined needs of the unemployed and the tourism sector. Vinkovci and Vukovar. 

During the 20 months of the project, the Technical School Vinkovci in cooperation with the School Studium and Polet doo provided education and additional training for 40 unemployed persons younger than 25 and older than 54 years.

"There was a great interest in getting involved in the training, but since there are specific target groups in all projects that are limited to certain parameters, in this case age, we had a lot of people who unfortunately failed to get involved in this training. We plan to include all these programs in our regular offer after the completion of the project, so that trainings will be available to anyone who is still interested in education. She pointed out Ana Gale, director of the Studium School.


She led education for animators in cultural tourism Autumn Ricl, which points out that animation in cultural tourism, can be applied in other areas such as culture itself. “The topics we covered are closely related to the topic of preservation and evaluation or promotion of cultural heritage in Vukovar-Srijem County, but it is also applicable in other areas of the Republic of Croatia and ultimately we worked on developing new skills, knowledge and competencies of our students. Today, tomorrow, they really knew how to determine a topic, program, or a new business idea, realize it and offer it on the market."

Tourism is first and foremost telling stories and experiences, he points out Vladimir Poznic, a lecturer to marketing managers and pass in tourism and adds: “I’ve focused on that part of what it practically means through my experience and acting in the private sector, how hard it is to sell something. It’s hard to create a product, and it’s even harder to sell it, but through this workshop I think we breathed hope and that the people, attendees I’m very happy with, saw and recognized some potential through plastic examples and the speed of market changes incredibly changing.

When we talk about the development of tourism, human capital is extremely important, and that is why this education is extremely important, he pointed out. Goran Rihelj, lecturer to animators in tourism. “I am very satisfied with the activity of the participants, because these are people who have not had contact with tourism so far, but entered the tourist story and understood the breadth and potential that tourism has in Vukovar-Srijem County. Most importantly, they realized how they can really deal with tourism, since in Slavonia we do not have such a long tourist history, that is, tourism is still developing, and so is the awareness of the same. It is very important to make the local population aware, in all spheres, that tourism can and does happen here, that people make a living from it and that they can find their profession in tourism. Slavonia definitely has a huge tourist potential, we have resources and stories, we just have to arrange them nicely and pack them and complete one finished tourist product. Also, human capital is extremely important in the whole story, and that is why this education is extremely important. ”

More about the project "New knowledge for new jobs in tourism in VSC”Find out HERE

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