Zadar records the highest growth index of tourist traffic in Croatia

Croatia has 11% more overnight stays this year.


29. May 2024.

The first one was held yesterday, May 28, in the National and University Library in Zagreb meeting of the tourism sector headed by the Minister of Tourism and Sports Tonči Glavin, who gathered representatives of the tourism and related sectors, especially transport.

The meeting was attended by representatives of emergency medicine, HGSS, MUP, DIRH, Port Authority and Airport, ACI, HGK, professional associations and others.

In the discussion, it was emphasized that Croatian tourism has impressive results with about 11 percent higher traffic than last year at the level of the Republic of Croatia, which means that so far 3,4 million tourists visited Croatia this year, who achieved 10,4 million overnight stays, or about 11% more than last year.

Zadar records the largest increase in tourist arrivals and overnight stays in 2024.

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Of the individual destinations, the largest increase in tourist nights is recorded the city of Zadar with a growth of 24% compared to last year in the same period. Excluding daily visits by cruisers and other guests, according to the data recorded in the eVisitor system, 160.985 tourists have visited the city so far, who have spent 428.052 nights, which is currently the largest growth index of tourist traffic in Croatia. At the same time, Dubrovnik recorded growth of less than 20%, followed by Pula and Medulin with 11%, Zagreb with 7,50% and Poreč with 7% growth.

They accounted for the largest share of total overnight stays in Zadar domestic guests (21%), followed by Germans (15%), Poles (9%) and Austrians (7%). Guests from the United Kingdom and Slovenia recorded 4%, France and Bosnia and Herzegovina 3%, while 2% of the total overnight stays were recorded by the Netherlands and Hungary.

Photo: TZ Zadar / Cover photo: Lucas Messer on Unsplash




29. May 2024.