Zagreb County, Lika Destination Cluster and Telašica PP received prestigious Green Destinations awards

At the world's largest tourism fair ITB in Berlin, the Tourist Board of Zagreb County and the Lika Destination cluster received the bronze award Gr...


7. March 2024.

At the world's largest tourism fair ITB in Berlin, Zagreb County Tourist Board and cluster Lika Destination they received a bronze award Green Destinations, while Telašćica Nature Park awarded with a silver Green Destinations award. 

Green Destinations highlights excellence in sustainable destination management. This certificate assesses various aspects of sustainable management, including nature and heritage protection, waste management, energy efficiency and the fight against climate change.

Zagreb County is the largest Croatian county and among the largest global destinations with the Green Destinations certificate

After intensive preparation and presentation of extensive documents covering as many as 84 sustainability criteria, and independent auditing in the field, Zagreb County was awarded a bronze Green Destinations certificate, which signifies excellence in all areas of sustainable destination management. The certificate marks Zagreb County as a certified sustainable destination, which is the result of the long-term work of the Tourist Board of Zagreb County towards sustainable tourism, preservation of the environment, social and cultural values.

"This is a great honor for us. The bronze Green Destinations certificate is the crown of our commitment to establishing sustainable tourism. Zagreb County is not only a holiday destination, but also an example of how care for the environment can be successfully combined with the tourist offer. Our county, among the largest in terms of area in the Republic of Croatia, records continuous growth in the number of overnight stays and visitors. In addition to the rich offer in the eno and gastro segment, the Zagreb County is proud of its connection with the local community. Its proximity to the capital Zagreb makes vacations closer and more sustainable than ever before. This certificate is the result of the joint work and cooperation of all participants in the tourism of Zagreb County. In order to achieve sustainability and transformation, it is important to include everyone, so that we can think together, grow and develop with the indispensable concern for the preservation of the environment that surrounds us. I would like to thank everyone who participated in achieving this important recognition. This is our joint recognition and encouragement to continue thinking and living a more sustainable future." pointed out the director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board Ivana Alilović.

Gd award bronze Zagreb county 2

The certificate also recognizes the destination's efforts to preserve the attractiveness of tourism in the future, not only through visible and tangible aspects such as natural heritage, but also through policies and management plans that take into account the principles of sustainable development.

"Future development will continue to be based on sustainability with additional attention to the development of the 'green economy', the involvement of the private sector in the implementation of sustainability measures and the promotion of recognition for good practice in environmental protection among entrepreneurs, because sustainability is not just a one-year project, it is a matter of lifestyle we choose every day.” added Ivana Alilović

Lika Destination became the largest destination in Croatia certified according to the Green Destinations model

The Lika Destination cluster is also the holder of the most famous destination certificate in the world. But interestingly, Lika Destination thus became the largest destination that includes as many as three counties in Croatia certified according to the Green Destinations model, the most comprehensive operational tool for sustainable management in tourism.

Let's remember that in 2020, the Lika Destination Cluster was included in their list of TOP 100 sustainable destinations worldwide. The story of the development of the Lika destination then took a high third place and was presented precisely at the fair of the same name.

Lika destination green destinations 1

 "Last year we received an invitation from the Green Destinations foundation to apply for this certificate. Proud that our work was recognized, we set about fulfilling the criteria. One of the certification criteria that every applicant must meet is to pass the Green Destinations training. I am extremely proud to see our Lika Quality in education materials as an example from which other destinations can learn. This certificate is a valuable confirmation of the development of the destination in the right direction, and at the same time an obligation to continue in the same vein.” said the president of the cluster Petra Kovačević.

The extensive work of implementing the guidelines and gathering relevant evidence in detail to meet the criteria is a job that has been done continuously for a year, to demonstrate the destination's commitment to high standards of sustainability. Considering that it is a destination that covers the territory of three counties, the job was not at all easy. A large number of stakeholders were successfully engaged, including the public and private sectors and the local population, who provided important information and support in this process.

In conclusion, the Green Destinations certificate confirms that the Lika destination meets the high sustainability standards set by international experts.

This includes a commitment to the preservation of natural and cultural heritage, emphasis on strategic practices in destination management, stimulation of the local economy and community. As an organization, Green Destinations improves and valorizes the sustainability of destinations and service providers in tourism, and their programs are supported by the United Nations and the Global Council for Sustainable Tourism.

Obtaining this certificate is expected to have a significant impact on tourism in Lika, making it more responsible, balanced and beneficial for all stakeholders - from the local community to visitors and the environment.

Photo: TZ of Zagreb County / illustration: hrturism 


7. March 2024.