Great continuation of the campaign: This time foreigners invite their compatriots to visit Bol

The campaign of the Tourist Board of Bol - Our Bol Stories, which has already won two prestigious international tourism awards, is getting its sequel. After the locals told their stories, their own ...

Bol Tourist Board Campaign - Our pain stories, which has already won two prestigious international tourism awards, gets its sequel.

After the locals told their stories, their own experiences and invited guests to visit them last year, this time foreigners are inviting their compatriots to visit Bol.


As a part of the guests have been staying in Bol every year for years, some even for decades, Bol has become their second home. The guests who keep coming back are our best ambassadors of tourism, and now they officially play their role as ambassadors and invite their fellow citizens to visit Bol. Great extension and continuation of the campaign.

"Bolski Poljak" who has lived in Poland for many years, and often brings his Polish friends one of the ambassadors in the campaign who tells about the beauties of Bol and invites his fellow citizens to visit Bol. Petra Karmelić is a German woman who was hit by a cupid's arrow 20 years ago and stayed to live with us. Marko Podboj from Slovenia, a passionate windsurfer, got to know the special features of this place back in 1987 and has been coming with his family every year since. The Italian Andrea Dazio arrived on vacation twenty years ago, fell in love with Croatia, discovered the blue pearl Bol and the love of his life.

He lives with his wife in Milan but every year he discovers something new on this central Dalmatian island. A young Hungarian woman, Rahel Gyori, arrived on holiday two years ago, but her meeting with Šimo from Boljan changed her life and she stayed in Croatia. Both are engaged in active tourism, and will be happy to share the secrets of their skills with tourists.

A lot can be seen and experienced in Bol, and it will be best and lovingly presented by the people of Bol, both those who were born here and those who were so delighted with the beauty of this town, that they decided to stay in it forever.   

So simple, ingenious and effective. 

Maybe someone will give an argumentative critique that the production could have been much better. But I personally think that this kind of "raw" video material and message is much more effective. In fact, even better not to be a top production, this way the message is authentic, personal, honest, you see and feel that they are real people, not professional actors. As we know, the best marketing has always been and always will be, word of mouth, ie personal recommendation.

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