YEZI - a new pan-Asian fusion restaurant in the center of Zagreb - has opened

YEZI restaurant and bar at Amruševa 4 has been open since November 23 for all lovers of the taste of modern pan-Asian food. Inspired by traditional Asian...


November 23, 2023

YEZI restaurant and bar at the address Amruševa 4 from November 23, it is open to all lovers of the taste of modern pan-Asian food.

Inspired by the traditional Asian style of enjoying food, drink and socializing, guests are invited to experience a unique concept that celebrates modern Asian cuisine through the art of dim sum, mixology that offers special cocktails based on the 5 Chinese elements, along with the best offer of world teas and European desserts . YEZI tells the story of rich pan-Asian gastronomy.

The General Manager of the art'otel hotel where the restaurant is located, Tomislav Korošec, said at the launch event before the opening:

"The opening of the pan-Asian restaurant and bar YEZI in the art'otel hotel is the result of the team's commitment and passion to provide guests with an outstanding gastronomic experience. Hotel art'otel is a place where elegance meets art, and from now on everyone will be able to enjoy top gastronomy and masterful performances by world-famous chefs.. " he said Tomislav Korosec, General Manager of the hotel art'otel.

Acclaimed London Group Executive Chef Werner Seebach leads this new and exciting gastronomic experience in Zagreb. Werner is known for creating excellent and innovative culinary experiences at the global restaurants Sushi Samba, Duck & Waffle and Chino Latino and is the creator of the YEZI concept with Velia di Nolfo, VP Restaurant and Bars PPHE. 

"Together with Dino and global dim sum extraordinaire Tom, we created an excellent Asian concept. The main focus is on dim sum and smaller dishes that are ideal for sharing and exploring new and special flavor combinations. We also developed a unique range of desserts with a fellow chef in London." he pointed out Werner Seebach and added that he looks forward to seeing everyone at YEZI.

5 tuna ponzu sauce with apple and mustard sprinkled with sesame

1 open yezi restaurant and bar in the artotel

The chief executive chef of the YEZI restaurant is Dino Knezevic with rich international experience in renowned hotels and restaurants. At the presentation before the opening, he added:

"We have been working on this project which we developed in London for some time and I am very proud to be part of this team. We are sure that the menu will delight all lovers of fine pan-Asian food, and the offer of restaurants and bars is diverse and we have a great selection for everyone's taste."

The specialty of this restaurant is the wide range of dim sum, the creation of which is played by one of the most experienced European dim sum chefs, Tom Tian Hau Low, who built his experience in Hong Kong and Taiwan and brings to YEZI almost forty years of experience in dim sum kitchens around the world.

The menu at the YEZI restaurant features a range of recognizable pan-Asian dishes from a large selection of dim sum, sashimi salads, wok dishes and grilled and oven dishes inspired by Asian gastronomy, which come in an impressive table setting. An intriguing menu with fish, meat, and vegetarian dishes, the restaurant demonstrates its commitment to providing a diverse and innovative gastronomic offer.

Tea is closely related to the culinary tradition of dim sum, which you can find in Asian teahouses. In the YEZI restaurant you can choose the best teas in the world, and the offer is perfectly complemented by an innovative selection of desserts that combine Eastern and Western flavors, and teas and cakes can be bought and taken away. Innovative mixology complements the flavors of the YEZI food offering.

Thus, the creative cocktail menu of the YEZI bar is inspired by the Asian philosophy of the five elements; wood, fire, earth, metal and water and each drink will capture the imagination of the guests through their senses. Interesting names and intriguing aromas embody the very feeling of opulence. 

7 languages ​​of mixology

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The interior of the restaurant was designed by interior design studio Digital Space and studio Atellior who designed a contemporary interior combining the sophistication of monochrome and metallic details such as brass and stainless steel with gold details that complement the YEZI branding.

YEZI is located in the center of Zagreb at art'otel, the first lifestyle and art hotel of this concept of the international and dynamic hotel company Arena Hospitality Group. A special artistic atmosphere is given to the art'hotel by the original works of Boris Bućan, which are displayed throughout the hotel, in the rooms as well as in the YEZI restaurant and bar.

YEZI restaurant and bar is open from Monday to Sunday from 12:23 p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m., and reservations can be made on the YEZI restaurant and bar page


November 23, 2023