In the next year, large tourist infrastructure projects are emerging in Vinkovci

Vinkovci is facing the period of implementation of a new cycle of large projects. After the signed Agreement with the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds on...


14. April 2024.

Vinkovci is facing the period of implementation of a new cycle of large projects. 

After the signed Agreement with the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds on the Implementation of Integrated Territorial Investments within the Integrated Territorial Program 2021-2027, Vinkovci were given the opportunity to finance a package of projects worth EUR 25 million and thereby ensured all the prerequisites for a huge investment momentum based on EU funding through ITU mechanism, but also all other EU programs.

During March, the first Vinkovac ITU call for grants for construction was opened cycling infrastructure in which LGUs were given the opportunity to withdraw a total of EUR 4,3 million in grants. By promoting sustainable urban mobility through investments in the construction, adaptation and modernization of cycling infrastructure both for the purpose of better connectivity of settlements, reduction of harmful gas emissions, increased safety of road users and strengthening of cycling tourist routes in this area.

Project and technical documentation for Vinkovci projects is ready and Vinkovci is once again becoming one big construction site. In accordance with the pre-agreed dynamics, a call for the direct allocation of grants for reconstruction is currently being prepared Square of Vinkovački jeseni i open markets te sports and recreation center Papuk.

"Our, I can freely say, culture of life in Vinkovci is to meet and drink coffee with friends in our free time, play with children on the children's playground, but enjoy the rustling of the Vinkovci corso, the singing of birds with Bosut or the peace and quiet offered by coffee at Šokački apartment. Next year, the people of Vinkovci will get new locations in the city that will enrich our cultural and sports life, as well as the tourist offer of Vinkovci" - he notes Mayor Ivan Bosančić.

Trg Vinkovački jeseni will take on completely new features and become a place where we will provide innovative ways of interpreting, presenting and educating visitors about the rich cultural and historical heritage of Slavonia. Local residents, as well as tourists, will have a new and revitalized public space at their disposal, and the urban area will have an improved tourist offer through new tourist products.

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The existing square will be replaced by an urban building with a pergola, tribune and covered stage, fountain, promenade and accompanying contemporary and modern urban equipment.

This multipurpose urban infrastructure that will serve for the organization of various events, but also for spending free time in a uniquely arranged, green space adapted to the needs of everyone, from the smallest to the oldest, with a special emphasis on people with limited mobility.


After the rehabilitation of the illegal landfill was successfully completed in 2016, the people of Vinkovci impatiently waited for the end of the monitoring period of the project, in which no investments were allowed except for the maintenance of the space.

The people of Vinkovci readily welcomed the ITU mechanism with the prepared design and technical documentation for the construction of the Green and Digital Park of Papuk values. 2,2 million euros. The call for direct allocation will be published soon, and the visualization of the future designed space and documentation is ready. Vinkovci will get a sports and recreation zone on Papuk with two multifunctional playgrounds with floodlights, a 3x3 field, table tennis tables, a roller skating and running track with floodlights, and an exercise area for adults.

Children and young people will have access to a social and entertainment zone with a modern sports and entertainment park. There will also be a parking lot, gazebos, benches and tables installed, and a built-in multimedia display with the "Sports to Health" application.

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Thanks to the open wireless network, visitors to the park will be able to take a virtual walk around Papuk, weigh their weight, measure their blood pressure and fat, and find out news from the world of health care using the application.

What is important to emphasize is the fact that the entire park will be illuminated with lighting created from renewable energy sources.


A project that particularly pleases the locals is the reconstruction project of the open city market, where through an innovative green project, the public city area will be arranged with elements of green infrastructure along with promotion gastronomic tourist offers of the entire urban area.

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The market has always been a place for marketing domestic Slavonian products and has an important economic role in strengthening our local economy and ensuring access to quality and healthy nutrition. The market in Vinkovac also nurtures traditional culture through the preservation of autochthonous types of plants - fruit and vegetable varieties, and therefore also gastronomic culture which is closely related to local products.

Precisely for this reason, the new open market in its architectural design and furnishing will contain elements of the tradition and heritage of the Slavonian region and thus become a space for the promotion of the rich cultural heritage and a new and attractive tourist space, which will be best witnessed by the men and women of Vinkovci who will visit it with pride, but and present through various activities that are planned after the reconstruction.

After the summer, the complete energy renovation of the building of the closed swimming pool complex in Lenije will be started, as well as construction outdoor pools. 

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The residents of Vinkovci as well as tourists will have new sports and entertainment facilities at their disposal, which will raise the entire sports and recreation center in Lenije to an even higher level.

"As I always mention, the buildings and pavements may make the city beautiful, but what gives it its soul are its people. Thanks to the warmth and accessibility of the Vinkovci men and women, this city radiates in a special way and this is felt by every visitor who wanders into of this city, be it a bench in the park or a place in a cafe. Vinkovci is getting more and more beautiful every day, and I believe that we will have the opportunity to show it to as many visitors and tourists as possible. We are known for our hospitality and I often hear from visitors that after half hours in our city feel as if they have been here for years," concludes Bosančić.


14. April 2024.