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A special article about Croatia in the influential Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta

In one of the most influential and leading Russian newspapers Rossiyskaya Gazeta, a special Croatia Tourism Special was published, ie a special article about Croatian tourism, tourist products and destinations. The attachment will be distributed in print edition in ...

In one of the most influential and leading Russian newspapers Rossiyskaya Gazeta a special has been published Croatia Tourism Special, ie a special article on Croatian tourism, tourist products and destinations.

The attachment will be distributed in over in the print edition 70.000 copies in Moscow and St. Petersburg to set you up permanently to the online site which counts over 40,3 million unique visitors per month. The entire edition will receive additional promotion through a specially created one Croatia Special mini website, and all announcements will be followed on the social networks of this Russian media, which have about a million followers.

"A special Croatia tourism special published in Rossiyskaya Gazeta will definitely, as part of the overall marketing campaign on the Russian emitting market that is just starting, have a very positive impact on the recognition of Croatia as a safe and desirable tourist destination for Russian tourists and the Russian tourism sector. travel organizers and travel agencies. Croatia is one of the few summer destinations that is open to Russian tourists and we really need to convey this information to the widest possible audience, and this is one of the media with the greatest reach. "concluded the director of the CNTB Representation in Russia Rajko Ružička.

In the special, among other things, the conditions of entry into Croatia and the current measures in force, the Safe Stay in Croatia project, Croatian tourist products, as well as the offer of Croatian destinations were presented. The Croatian National Tourist Board has additionally positioned itself in the special through the advertising of current campaigns, especially the call campaign "Trust me, I've been there".

"According to the announcements of our partners, agencies and tour operators, Croatia is one of the most sought-after foreign destinations on the Russian market. Since the beginning of the year, we have been recording about 70 overnight stays by Russian guests and we hope that these numbers will grow further as we approach the peak of the summer season. I believe that this special article about Croatia, which will be seen by the million Russian population, will significantly contribute to that, " concluded the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board Christian Staničić, emphasizing that the special will be distributed to leading Russian tour operators and travel agencies.

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