About 50 hotels in the project of "green" hotels - Sustainable hotel & spa by UPUHH

Source: UPUHH

In September this year, the Croatian Hotel Entrepreneurs Association will start recertifying UPUHH members who were certified through the 2014, 2015, and 2016 projects with the Sustainable hotel & spa by UPUHH certificate.

UPUHH started the project in July 2013 after the Association studied in detail the existing green certificates, such as Friend of Nature, Travelife, Blaue Angel, etc., and then defined the green criteria for hotels.

The criteria are very precisely developed for a total of nine groups, namely: sustainability management, procurement, sales, marketing and PR, environment, energy efficiency, human resources and technical service, and the project was implemented in several phases. The certificate has been expanded with three additional criteria: safety and insurance, corporate social responsibility and F&B.

As they point out from UPUHH, in the first phase, workshops were organized for registered hotels and field audits were conducted, where each hotel had to appoint its representative, the so-called green coordinator, for whom the first cycle of workshops was intended. Workshops were organized and after audits, teams of verified auditors, in cooperation with the staff of each hotel and prepared detailed reports with collected data on energy and water consumption, waste type, CO2 emissions, GHG inventory, etc., each hotel was offered specific savings proposals for each segment.

Green coordinators, appointed by the hotel, were educated on the development of the action plan, environmental management policy, staff involvement, etc. In the second phase, the hotels had to implement the project and ensure the implementation of the action plan for three to five months. in addition, a second cycle of workshops was organized to analyze the results achieved.

The second set of workshops, in addition to the green coordinators, was intended to educate housewives, technical staff, procurement and sales staff as well as other services in the hotel. Upon completion of the project, hotels and spas were awarded "Sustainable hotels and spas by UPUHH" certificates, point out from UPUHH.

If there’s one trend that stays, it’s ecology and green hotels. For more information on the new certification cycle, contact us directly UPUHH

Below you will find a table of certified hotels with associated categories for which they have met the point threshold for BASIC,ADVANCED or SUPERIOR category.

1. Hotel Tomislav 2014. BASIC
2. Palace Hotel Zagreb 2014. BASIC
3. Hotel Sport 2014. BASIC
4. Hotel Turist 2014. BASIC
5. Esplanade Zagreb Hotel 2014. BASIC
6. Bluesun hotel Berulia - Hotels Brela dd 2014. BASIC
7. Hotel Phoenix 2014. BASIC
8. Hotel Padova - Imperial dd 2014. BASIC
9. Hotel Kastel Motovun 2014. BASIC
10. Hotel Kimen - Cresanka dd 2014. BASIC
11. Hotel Feral - Laguna Novigrad dd 2014. BASIC
12. Valamar Koralj Romantic Hotel - Riviera Adria dd 2014. BASIC
14. Hotel Borovnik 2014. ADVANCED
15. Hotel Well - Terme Tuhelj 2014. ADVANCED
16. Hotel & Casa Valamar Sanfior - Riviera Adria dd 2014. ADVANCED
17. Hotel Maestral - Laguna Novigrad dd 2014. ADVANCED
18. Hotel International - HUP-Zagreb dd 2014. ADVANCED
19. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Zagreb 2014. SUPERIOR
20. Vitality Hotel Punta - Jadranka Hotels Ltd. 2014. SUPERIOR
21. Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Iadera - Punta Skala doo 2014. SUPERIOR
22. Hotel Katarina 2009 doo 2015. BASIC
23. Grand Hotel Orebic, Laguna Novigrad dd 2015. BASIC
24. Hotel Carolina, Imperial dd 2015. BASIC
25. Hotel Meliá Coral, Istraturist Umag dd 2015. BASIC
26. Hotel Sol Garden Istria, Istraturist Umag dd 2015. BASIC
27. Hotel Sol Umag, Istraturist Umag dd 2015. BASIC
28. Valamar Zagreb Hotel, Valamar Riviera dd 2015. BASIC
29. Valamar Bellevue Hotel & Residence, Valamar Riviera dd 2015. BASIC
30. Panorama Zagreb Hotel, HUP Zagreb dd 2015. BASIC
31. Hotel Jadran, HUP Zagreb dd 2015. BASIC
32. Hotel Ilirija, Ilirija dd 2015. BASIC
33. Hotel Osijek, Center Škojo doo 2015. BASIC
34. Royal Princess Hotel, Importanne Resort Ltd. 2015. ADVANCED
35. Hotel Spa Golfer, Toplice Sveti Martin dd 2015. ADVANCED
36. Sheraton Zagreb Hotel, HUP Zagreb dd 2015. ADVANCED
37. The Westin Zagreb, HUP Zagreb dd 2015. ADVANCED
38. Family Hotel Vespera, Jadranka Hotels dd 2015. ADVANCED
39. Wellness Hotel Aurora, Jadranka Hotels dd 2015. ADVANCED
40. Hotel Bellevue, Jadranka Hotels dd 2015. SUPERIOR
41. Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel, Valamar Riviera dd 2015. SUPERIOR
42. Istarske Toplice Spa 2016. BASIC
43. Varaždinske Toplice 2016. BASIC
44. Spa Veli Lošinj 2016. BASIC
45. Terme Jezerčica 2016. ADVANCED
46. Terme Tuhelj 2016. ADVANCED
47. Daruvarske Toplice 2016. ADVANCED
48. Golf & SPA Saint Martin 2016. SUPERIOR
49. Bizovacke Toplice 2016. ACKNOWLEDGMENT

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