Activation of air traffic is crucial for the recovery of tourism, and three prerequisites are needed for this

For the right start and a new impetus for global tourism, it is crucial to start international air transport. It is on the topic that the global scene is intensively discussed and guidelines and protocols for creating ...

For the right start and a new impetus for global tourism, it is crucial to start international air transport. It is on this topic that the global scene is intensively discussed and guidelines and protocols are proposed for the creation of security protocols, both when boarding planes and in airports in general.

What is crucial is to standardize all protocols at the global level, in order to bridge the problem that each country has its own different rules and not to depend on the measures of individual countries. Because unbalanced and constant changes in measures lead to the impossibility of travel planning, and as we know air transport is crucial for the tourism sector.

Thus, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) called for the development and implementation of fast, accurate, affordable and systematic testing on COVID-19 for all passengers before the start of the journey as an alternative to quarantine. IATA is cooperating with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and with the health authorities in order to implement this solution in airports around the world as soon as possible, IATA points out.

- The key to restoring freedom of cross-border mobility is to systematically test all passengers for COVID-19 before traveling. This will give governments around the world the confidence to open their borders, which would be a great substitute for current self-isolation or quarantine measures. Testing all passengers will give people back their freedom of movement by air, and millions would return to work in the aviation industry because of such a decision, said Alexandre de Juniac, Director General of IATA.

International passenger air traffic fell by 92% compared to last year.

The economic collapse that threatens the aviation industry, on which more than 66 million jobs worldwide depend, must not be left to fend for itself because there is a danger of a chain of airlines collapsing before the global pandemic ends, de Juniac said, adding that the resulting loss disruption of global connectivity makes investing in airport testing justified and a priority.

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It would be testing at airports that would allow airlines to operate relatively normally. It is estimated that since the outbreak of the pandemic, profits of $ 400 billion have been lost so far, and the entire industry could make a record net loss of over $ 2020 billion in 80 (an optimistic scenario).

- Safety is the highest priority of aviation. We are the safest form of transport because we work together with governments to implement global standards. With the costs associated with daily border closures and the emergence of a second wave of contagion, the aviation industry needs to bring all parties together and find a solution, and that is testing each passenger. It must be fast, accurate and simple. This will certainly allow the market to recover, adds de Juniac.

IATA's opinion poll revealed support for testing for COVID-19 in the air travel process.

Approximately 65% ​​of passengers surveyed agreed that quarantine should not be required if a person is tested for COVID-19 and has a negative result. 84% of respondents agreed that testing should be mandatory for all passengers,

Thus, 88% of respondents are ready to take the test as part of the travel process, while 88% of respondents are ready to take the test as part of the travel process.


In addition to opening borders, public opinion research has also shown that testing will help restore passengers' confidence in aviation, which is again crucial, ie the perception of safety.

Respondents in the survey identified the implementation of COVID-19 protection measures for all passengers as an effective measure in achieving safety. The availability of rapid testing on COVID-19 is what gives passengers the most safety.

Quick testing i temperature measurement - as key challenges

I recently wrote that globally the tourism sector at the time of the coronavirus pandemic, has two big challenges which must be resolved in order to attempt to return confidence global travelers, which are: rapid testing i temperature measurement at the entrance of both the state and the destination. 


In line with the aforementioned efforts of IATA, a member of the U.S. Senate for Trade, Science and Transportation, Mary Cantwell from Washington and Senator Rick scott from Florida, presented a bill proposing that U.S. Traffic Safety Administration (TSA) conducts temperature checks at existing airport control points in order to increase the safety of passenger air traffic in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Airport temperature checks would be carried out using innovative, contactless technologies thermal cameras capable of automatically viewing a large number of passengers passing through existing TSA checkpoints. It is simple and non-invasive, and such systems have already been shown to be effective in identifying infected individuals and mitigating the spread of COVID-19 in other countries.

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- As our economy reopens and Americans begin to travel more, we must do everything we can to make travel safe. ”said the senator Rick scott and added that consumer protection must also be ensured against unfair airline pricing tactics. “This law will make it possible to check the temperature, while at the same time ensuring the flexibility of airlines with customers who get sick after buying a flight. If passengers are not allowed to fly due to fever, airlines will need to work with the client to transfer or cancel the flight free of charge."Scott points out.

Thus, by using innovative, contactless thermal camera technology, it is possible to automatically view a large number of passengers, without contact and creating crowds.

On the other hand, the big problem is that on test results on covid19 waited too long. However, intensive work is being done in this field as well, and several companies around the world have announced that they are working or have already developed rapid tests for coronavirus, thanks to which test results are obtained within 30 seconds. 

With rapid tests as well as non-contact temperature measurement technologies, things would improve significantly and gain the confidence of both passengers and the state to open borders. These are the challenges and preconditions that must be met, in order to re-actualize global tourist travel, despite the coronavirus.

To conclude.

Activation of air traffic is key to the recovery of tourism, and they are needed for that three key prerequisites: Standardization of security protocols in airports and airlines, fast testing, ie fast obtaining of test results, and contactless thermal camera technology capable of automatically screening a large number of passengers.

You can see more information about the Council's Aviation Recovery Task Force (CART) protocols HERE

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