Affirmation of fine art in tourism: painting on easels with a view of the 'most beautiful city in the world'.

Art in the Heart of the Adriatic


9. May 2024.

On Friday, a unique artistic event called Matejuška will be held in Split "Art in the open air - Art in the Heart of Adriatic".

It is a joint project of the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board (TZ SDŽ) and the Croatian Association of Fine Artists, which aims to to affirm fine art in tourism.

Thus, from 10 a.m. to 15 p.m., six plein air artists will paint views of Split on their easels, which will be placed in the Matejuška area.

Otherwise, plein air is a term that denotes painting directly in nature, which is characterized by light, freshness and vibrancy of colors. Outdoor painting requires a skilled artist who quickly transfers the motif to his work because the light is constantly changing. 

Most artists today use modern technologies in their studio, most often photography, in order to visualize the motif. The studio provides comfort, and outside the artists are exposed to views, comments, photography and weather oscillations.

Because of this, it is less and less possible to see professional artists painting outdoors, so that's it  the scene became a rarity, even in the painting capitals of Paris and Vienna.

"First of all, in the period before the start of the season, we wanted to cheer up the people of Split, as well as our guests, by giving them a special user experience and a departure from the standard commercial offer. We wanted, at least for a moment, to return to ancient times. The times of colors, čakula and the old Mediterranean, whose bearers were artists inspired by the sea and the beauty of ancient cities. I think that nothing better outlines the Mediterranean way of life than spontaneous painting on easels with a view of the 'most beautiful city in the world'. That's exactly why we chose the sung Matejuška, which since time immemorial has been a symbol of socializing, songs, emotions, but also the intersection of Split's street culture.", said Ivana Vladović, director of TZ SDŽ, adding that the process of creation of the work represents an exceptional attraction for all generations, locals and tourists, so this attractive event will enrich the cultural and advertising offer of both the city of Split and the Split-Dalmatia County.

The goal of the project, he says, is not only to present artistic heritage, but to create a link between art and tourism in the public, and to bring painting closer to citizens, especially young people.

A workshop led by a contemporary artist will also be organized during the event Alma Čača who defines her art as abstract expressionism.

All the people of Split and tourists are invited to this event, during which they will be able to talk to the painters, observe them and enjoy the creation of impressive works of art with motifs from Split, and if they wish, they will be able to dare to create their own painting with the help of academic painters. 


9. May 2024.