Jurica Glavina: After the ASTA conference in Dubrovnik, we can expect positive effects

Dubrovnik hosted the prestigious international business event ASTA Destination Expo (ADE). The conference of the American Association of Travel Advisers (ASTA) in Dubrovnik was postponed on several occasions, but the organizers did not give up, and ...

Dubrovnik hosted a prestigious international business event ASTA Destination Expo (ADE). The conference of the American Association of Travel Advisers (ASTA) in Dubrovnik was postponed on several occasions, but the organizers did not give up, and the results of the event showed that persistence pays off.

From June 10th to 13th, 150 American travel agents gathered in Dubrovnik as part of the ADE event, who held a series of meetings with Croatian tourism service providers. The goal of the event was to tell American agents first-hand the story that they will then pass on to their clients in the United States. According to the American Association of Travel Advisers, Croatia has undoubtedly become one of the most sought-after countries to be visited by adventurers, beach lovers, gourmets, but also history lovers. We must not forget the planetarily popular series Game of Thrones, whose fans still want to see the locations where the series was filmed.

“As part of the conference, more than 2 meetings were held in the B1200B part. Meetings were arranged in advance, and a smaller portion was arranged at the conference itself. In addition to B2B meetings, the Trade Show was held. In total, more than a hundred Croatian companies presented themselves at the conference. It should be emphasized that the entire conference done at the top level, respecting epidemiological measures ”, said Jurica Glavina, executive director of the Hit Dalmatia agency and organizer of the business part of the conference.

Tourist stakeholders from all over Croatia talked to American agents at B2B meetings, but as expected, the largest number of them were from Dubrovnik and the surrounding area. The guests from the United States were most interested eno and gastronomic offer, then cruising, culture, and outdoor, which became popular globally after the coronavirus pandemic. Both small and large presented their offer, and in the end everyone was very satisfied with the agreements and the achieved cooperation.

"How much positive effect the ADE conference will leave on our market remains to be seen, but the extremely good effects that this conference has achieved in Greece should be pointed out. Namely, the ASTA Destination Expo was held there in 2018, after which the growth of tourist traffic from the United States of America was recorded by as much as 60% ”, emphasizes Glavina.

How interesting Croatia is for American travel agents is shown by the fact that some of them came to Croatia a few days before the conference, and some of them stayed in Croatia after the conference. They are currently touring and getting to know Croatian destinations, which will certainly contribute to an even better representation of our country on the American market.

Let us remind you that the American market is especially interesting for Dubrovnik, which is mostly visited by tourists from the United States of America every year. According to previous announcements and predictions, American tourists will be among the most numerous, if not the most numerous foreign tourists in Dubrovnik this year as well. Namely, last week the first cruiser after 15 months sailed into the Port of Dubrovnik Gruž, and Dubrovnik will connect three American airlines with the United States in the summer.

Cover photo: HIT Dalmatia

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