An example of a real host and telling a story in family accommodation

Today we live in a time of absurdity, in which it has never been easier to send your message, thanks to social networks and the Internet, but it has also never been harder to get to ...

Today we live in a time of one absurdity, in which it has never been easier to send your message, thanks to social media and the internet, but it has also never been harder to get readers ’attention and create sales.

That is why storytelling has long been the foundation of branding today's products and tourist destinations.

But how best to write what storytelling is? Sell ​​me a story, not a product - It's a storytelling mantra.

Although the motive for coming is a destination, not accommodation, when we talk about the development and promotion of family accommodation in the household, the same rule certainly applies - the story. Today, the trend is not to sell accommodation, but a destination. What to do and experience in the destination, and if we meet the expectations of a potential guest, then the decision is made to buy and arrive at the destination, and of course the guest will choose your accommodation. Also, consider branding your accommodation through your own brand and logo.

But in this story, I would like to point out another great tool on how to attract attention and jump out of the crowd, to make a video as a host in which you are the main actors and narrators of the story. In this example, the positioning and philosophy of eco accommodation, under the EcoBnb brand, is further emphasized. Otherwise, sustainability and ecology are no longer a trend, but an imperative and direction of global development, including tourism and accommodation.

It is an eco-friendly accommodation Home Sweet Home from Dalmatia. Look at the story.

"The best we can offer is nature”Points out Irina Salvezani, owner and hostess in family accommodation, with a special focus on the local way of life and local organic products that guests will consume.

And most importantly, through this way of promotion, they had my attention for as much as 3:14 minutes, which is more than impressive with today's modern and fast pace. Also, in this way you connect with the viewer on an emotional and personal basis, they get to know you, and you invite them to your home, not the apartment for rent.

They "bought" me, and you?

By the way, ecology and sustainability of tourist accommodation facilities, as well as the promotion of less developed areas in Croatia, are the main goals of the new platform. Ecobnb,  which has been available in Croatia since the beginning of this year.

Ecobnb is a combination of eco-friendly accommodation and authentic rural and ecotourism experiences, and this new online platform is now available in Croatia.

EcoBnb brand and philosophy is currently used in Croatia by 13 accommodations, and is ideal for rural areas as well as a great opportunity for continental tourism. Locally, ecology, sustainability - this is a story in which Croatia must play an important role.

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