Example of good practice: Terme Sveti Martin as a guide to what tourism in Croatia should look like

"In a healthy body, a healthy spirit lives" - is the narrative of Terme Sveti Martin around which the whole business is arranged. But it's not just a great slogan without cover or ...

"In a healthy body, a healthy spirit lives" - is the narrative of Terme Sveti Martin around which the whole business is arranged. But it’s not just a great slogan with no coverage or promotional campaign. They really live it and deliver it.

It is a combination of physical activities and those for body and soul, the first Healthness resort in Europe - Terme Sveti Martin in recent years has become a recognizable destination for all those who want to change their lifestyle for the better.

Despite the pandemic that has swept the world, one of the leading resorts on the continent does not stop developing its excellent product in order to offer the best to every guest. Natural and local cosmetics, fresh ingredients from the hotel's surroundings and the cooperation of the entire community in creating products are the key to the success of this beautiful story of continental tourism from the north of Croatia.

It is important to emphasize how the philosophy of the hotel is incorporated through life and work Dr. Rudolf Steiner in various aspects of business. By the way, this visionary founded eurythmy, organic architecture, anthroposophical medicine, Waldorf pedagogy and biodynamic agriculture on a global level. It is this philosophy that is the foundation on which they build their story in Terme Sveti Martin. I bring only a small part of how they do it.

Local groceries to a better menu - from the garden to the table in less than 24 hours

Terme Sveti Martin provides quality food preparation food in gastronomic points throughout the Resort, offers local and local food in cooperation with various family farms in Međimurje and thus directly encourages production on family farms in Međimurje. That this is not just a classic PR, says the fact that they guarantee the purchase of local groceries to each of their partners, and thus offer quality homemade dishes prepared from the best groceries. It should be especially emphasized that they are guided by the policy that food from the garden to the table arrives in less than 24 hours.

Sounds like an impossible mission, but Terme Sveti Martin successfully for years working on joint farming planning in agriculture, in order to provide local producers with a safe purchase, and guests with the best local food.

But it is not just about redemption, but also about joint breeding planning. Numerous family farms from Međimurje even before planting in in agreement with Terme they plan what to plant, in order to cultivate what is really needed in the market. This is exactly the picture in the long run sustainable tourism what we need to have in Croatia. In addition to being profitable for all parties, it is the most environmentally profitable. The ecology of the environment must include all community stakeholders, including local producers such as winemakers, fruit growers and growers of numerous other permaculture, and all of them are long - term partners of Sveti Martin Spa.

"Together with our partners we want to show how one continental destination has everything it needs for a successful tourism product. As the foundation of Healthness's business is philosophy, which combines active vacation, wellness enjoyment, and local and healthy gastronomy, the spas are daily looking for local producers who guarantee quality and domestic products through organic and / or biodynamic production. in this way, we as a resort also offer our guests healthy and modern meals", Said Igor Nekić, director of the first Healthness Restaurant in Europe - Terme Sveti Martin. 

Local and natural cosmetics in the hotel rooms

In addition to taking care of the guest through the gastronomic offer, Terme Sveti Marti has in recent months decided on a classic hotel cosmetics replace with that natural, and all together in collaboration with the local manufacturer of organic cosmetics House of Magic Grass. 

Healthy skin is responsible for the good functioning of the whole body and organism, and it is therefore important to encourage its natural way of working. So in the rooms of Terme there is a natural bio cosmetics of local production which follows the biological rhythm of the skin and thus has a beneficial effect on health. 

Indigenous plant species from Croatia, natural materials, strict observance of ecological principles, and the ban on testing products on animals, are the facts due to which Terme Sveti Martin has established cooperation with the House of Magic Grass. The quality of these natural products raises the quality of services, and Terme thus enables its guests to learn more about natural cosmetics, and gain the habit of using it. 

This is the first range of products in Croatia that received labels: ECO cosmetics, 100% natural cosmetics with ecological ingredients. "We consider this type of cooperation to be long-term sustainable tourism, and our view is that without a well-developed destination, no resort or hotel can independently operate successfully and develop in a positive direction. That is why we must be a pillar and support for each other in order to raise the quality of service to a higher level.. ", said Nekic.


That they know and believe in what they are doing is clearly shown in the hotel restaurant. Namely, over the whole wall there are pictures / photos of local family farms, ie producers with whom they cooperate. These people (not professional actors) and producers are stars, both by name and surname. They also motivate guests to visit them, to see where the food they serve is made, and some have their own workshops or tastings for tourists, so the hotel has great content for guests, while the ground floor sells extra on the doorstep. Synergy is key, and on so many levels.

Local producers have signed an annual purchase of groceries, the hotel has a secure supply, within 24 hours, as well as fresh and quality groceries. In the end the guests know what one. Win-win for everyone. That is the definition of sustainable development.

Also, the entire restaurant is visually decorated with messages of sustainability, healthy eating and for each food it says where it comes from, ie from which family farm from Međimurje. Homemade, Local, Organic, Homemade… Are the messages that dominate the description of all foods. This story is some of the best I’ve seen in practice so far. By the way, Terme Sveti Martin is collaborating with over 20 local suppliers.

This is how agriculture and tourism are connected, this is how everyone lives from tourism, we extend the tourist season, we have sustainable tourism and better quality guests who do not look at the price, but the value for money.

The higher input cost is not negligible in the wider story, because the quality of these products is incomparable to industrial production. Also, you justify the value for money through the price of accommodation, guests return, and the hotel lives with a destination where everyone supports each other. You profit in the long run because you don’t struggle in the market with prices, you build a stable business, you have guests who come back and who recommend you.

Also, this is the best "sales pitch" and differentiation according to the market. Certainly in marketing campaigns they do not have to emphasize the price of accommodation nor does it play a role in communication. They sell experience, content and destination, not bed.

The whole business philosophy is the foundation for hundreds of stories in promotion. Authentic and different promotion.

The image of the "wall of pride" is the best marketing, as well as excellent material for promotion and daily communication on social networks and other channels. Each of these producers is one story that can be told through multiple narratives. This is how today's marketing and storytelling is done in tourism, which is the basis for storytelling.

Is this the kind of tourism we want to see in Croatia? Absolutely. That is the very essence of tourism. Is it possible? Absolutely. Sounds simple? And yes, it's all about people and long-term and strategic development.

It is Terme Sveti Martin that has proven that, as always, it breaks down prejudices, takes us a step forward and stands firmly as an example of good practice in how to think. Terme Sveti Martin are the heroes of our tourism who truly live what they promise. Definitely a great case study and practice for tourism management students.

Terme Sveti Martin and the Međimurski Lepi Dečki brewery designed a new craft beer last year. Local craft beer - St. Martin's which becomes a new brand of Međimurje, but also the first craft beer created in cooperation with a Croatian craft brewery and a hotel resort, or spa. An excellent combination of local entrepreneurship, affiliation, branding, tourism and ultimately a quality offer, which must be imperative.


Healthy food, wellness, active vacation, healing water, swimming pools, polyclinic, green and sustainable business… explore how they rounded off the whole story and offer in Terme Sveti Martin. Better yet, visit them and experience them live. Well done to Terme Sveti Martin, which is a signpost for what tourism in Croatia should look like.

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