An important step forward in protection: the Mrežnica River has become a protected area

The County Assembly of Karlovac County has officially adopted decisions on the protection of Mrežnica and Tounjčica, establishing two new protected areas....


8. March 2024.

The County Assembly of Karlovac County officially adopted the decisions of protect Mrežnice and Tounjčica thus establishing two new protected areas.

With the mentioned decision, the river Mrežnica became a protected area in two parts: The upper stream (Primišlje - Sastavci) has become protected with the Mrežnica - Tounjčica Nature Monument label, while the Lower stream (Sastavci - Brig) has become protected with the Mrežnica Significant Landscape label.

This represents a significant step in Karlovac County's efforts to preserve nature. The process for making these decisions was initiated by the Public Institution Natura Viva with the support of the Karlovac County and the international nature protection organization The Nature Conservancy (TNC), radio Mrežnica reports. 

The newly declared protected areas are the result of long-term efforts to preserve these two rivers, which local communities have been calling for for more than a decade. This success is also the first official protection of two rivers with the support of the Together for Rivers initiative, whose goal is to preserve more than 400 kilometers of rivers in five countries of Southeast Europe.

Decision on the declaration of protected areas Natural monument "Mrežnica-Tounjčica" and Significant landscape "Mrežnica" it is of great importance for nature and the local community because it implies the application of conservation measures for one of the most beautiful rivers in Croatia, providing shelter to various plant and animal species and protecting over a hundred travertine waterfalls for which Mrežnica is famous.

"We are happy about the fact that a large number of people were involved in the consultation process during the implementation of the procedure for declaring the protection of the Mrežnica River, and we hope that we will continue to be interested in the protection of this area, all for the purpose of sustainable management and preservation of valuable species and habitats in the area of ​​the Mrežnica River . A big job is ahead of all of us, and it can only be carried out with constant communication with stakeholders and finding common solutions based on nature,She said Antonija Bišćan, director of the Natura Viva Public Institution.

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This decision also speaks of the commitment of the citizens who live along the Mrežnica and Tounjčica rivers to the preservation of natural beauty, biological diversity, and the social and cultural significance of these rivers.

"In Karlovac County, we highly value all our rivers, but Mrežnica is special in many ways. We call it a beauty, a pearl, a unique and fairytale river. Therefore, I believe that this is truly a big step in our efforts to preserve Mrežnica for generations to come. Together, in cooperation with the relevant ministry, the non-governmental sector and the local community, we want to establish a sustainable management of this valuable natural resource, and we are on the best way to achieve this," said Martina Furdek Hajdin, prefect of Karlovac County.

Protected areas will play an important role in preserving the natural and social values ​​of these rivers, enabling the sustainable development of the recreational and tourist offer while preserving important habitats and species.

"The Nature Conservancy considers the protection of Mrežnica and Tounjčica a great example of good practice that is in line with our strategy of permanent river protection. Through our initiative Together for rivers, we advocate close cooperation with local communities, which we recognize as the backbone of all river protection processes and the sustainable use of their resources. We are happy that the official part of the process of preserving these two rivers has been successfully completed and that we were able to contribute to it, but we are aware that this is only the beginning and we are committed to continuing cooperation and providing continuous support in the implementation of the protection of these rivers.” concludes Irma Popović Dujmović, director of the water program at TNC in Croatia.

Source: Radio Mrežnica / Photo: Tourist Board of the Four Rivers area 


8. March 2024.