An even richer Advent in Poreč has been announced: the synergy of the city and hoteliers as an important message

Free skating rink, Nutcracker ballet performance in the Žatika hall, more than thirty concerts, live nativity scenes, children's shows, traditional...


November 2, 2023

Free skating rink, Nutcracker ballet performance in the Žatika hall, more than thirty concerts, staging of a live nativity scene, children's shows, traditional Poreč fairytale program and gift distribution for 1700 children, as well as four New Year's celebrations - all of the above and much more are announced at this year's edition Advent Poreč.

Advent Poreč returns to the very heart of Poreč's old town, and will be held on Matije Gupca Square from December 11, 2023 to January 7, 2024, announced today in the Small Town Hall of the City of Poreč-Parenzo, the Mayor of Poreč, Loris Peršurić, and representatives of the partners: Eva De Zan Prusina, head of the public relations department of Blue Lagoon, Vlatka Ilečić Arklinić, head of the destination management department from Valamar, and Nenad Velenik, director of the City of Poreč Tourist Board.

An even richer Advent in Poreč has been announced: the synergy of the city and hoteliers as an important lesson. 

It is important to emphasize that along with the City of Poreč and the Tourist Board of the City of Poreč, the main partners of the largest hotel in Poreč -  Blue Lagoon and Valamar. The way they should be at any major event in the destination - the synergy of the public and private sectors. 

In our tourism, we rarely see a picture like the one below, where at a press conference one event is announced by the city, the tourist board and two large hoteliers at the same time, i.e. all partners were building the destination program together. 

Ilecic arklinic persuric velenik de zan prusina

Because in the end, the only thing that matters is quality content and the context of the destination. If we fulfill this factor, then we have a motive for coming, both visitors and tourists, therefore we have consumption and "hustle", everyone in the destination pushes in the same direction, we can plan diverse content, we all "sell" the destination, i.e. the content and finally this is a destination story.

Not only hoteliers, but all key stakeholders in tourism. And that is the meaning of the strategic development of the destination - the synergy of public and private, they all make up the destination.

"This year, Poreč lives up to its name of the most beautiful and richest Advent in Istria, because we have prepared the richest Advent yet. We have organized more than 100 different events for all tastes, such as concerts, plays, live nativity scenes, the Nutcracker ballet performance in the Žatika hall, the lottery of the Society for the Disabled, children's shows, the Advent race, as well as a free ice rink  and promotional prices in the heart of our old town core", said Peršurić, announcing the joint lighting of the lamps on December 11 at 16:30 p.m.

"We once again tried to involve the whole community in the organization of this event - from all schools and kindergartens, to clubs, associations, but also institutions, and of course our main partners in this project - the Tourist Board, Blue Lagoon and Valamar. I would like to thank everyone for their response and to the desire to get involved in this project for our local people in the middle of winter.  Together, we Poreč residents have shown that our city really knows how to live well in winter. It is very important to us that we have a pronounced local feature in this whole event - from the engagement of local bands, associations, and of course schools and kindergartens, to local restaurateurs. I would also like to thank the Parish of Poreč, and all our fellow citizens, who will also take their time this year and stage a live nativity scene on 17.12. at 17 pm." Peršurić added.

An important part of Advent is certainly the Poreč fairy tale program, during which the City of Poreč-Parenzo traditionally presents more than 1700 Poreč children with gifts and performances. This year too, all children from Poreč will receive gifts from the age of 1 to the 4th grade of primary school. 

The play The Nutcracker, Petar Grašo, Jole, Nina Badrić, Night Express, Gustafi, Cambi, Marko Tolja and many others

We single out as many as four New Year's celebrations in Poreč - a big welcome with Petr Graša on Trg slobode, and a party welcome with DJ David will be held at the same time on Trg Matija Gupca, said the director of the Tourist Board of the City of Poreč Nenad Velenik and added that on New Year's Day at noon, a traditional children's New Year's party was organized, with animation and children's fireworks. Of course, there is now a traditional replay of the January 1st celebration at Night Express.

Advent 2023 b1 poster with concerts 01

A great novelty this year is the top show Nutcracker, one of the world's most beautiful ballets, which will take place in the Žatika hall on Saturday, December 23.12.. An unforgettable experience is expected with a superb artistic cast, impressive production requirements and the magical music of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, and you can buy tickets from tomorrow at  at a promotional price of 10 euros.

This year, in the period from December 9 to 23, in front of the Festigia tasting room, Poreč Agrolaguna is joining the Poreč Advent, which will organize appropriate programs in the afternoon during the weekend.

Vlatka Ilečić Arklinić, head of the destination management department at Valamar Riviera, announced the rich concert program of this year's Advent and activities for children.

"The Valamar Riviera has a big reason to celebrate this year because we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of its establishment. We would like the whole of Poreč to celebrate with us, so we invite all citizens and guests to join the all-day party that Valamar presents to all Advent visitors on December 14.12. The rich program of Valamar's birthday will include concerts by the group Cambi, Techno Vikings, Marko Tolja and Nina Badrić. Even the youngest will have their time, because on the same day we are announcing the return of the Princess Ball, one of the most popular events of Poreč Open Air, which will entertain children with a colorful program especially for Valamar's birthday.

In addition to Valamar's birthday, the Advent program brings a lot of music, so visitors will be able to hear live Nola, Gustafe, Night Express and many other local bands, and the highlight of the party will probably be the popular Jole. Children's shows directed by Istra Inspirit and Birikina will alternate every Friday and Saturday at 18 p.m., and the associations Mordele, Capybara and DND prepare various children's workshops. We are waiting for a new edition of the children's festival Voci allegre, as well as an Advent pub quiz. It should be noted that the entire program of Advent on Matije Gupca Square is completely free. There are also numerous activities of the City Library, among which we highlight the office of Santa Claus and numerous creative workshops for children and adults, while the People's Open University prepares several theater plays and a traditional Christmas gospel concert for the Advent period.."

Free skating rink                                                

048 manuel paljoh mpp

Eva De Zan Prusina, head of the Plava Laguna public relations department, announced one of the main attractions of Advent - a free skating rink.

"Advent brings a real winter atmosphere to Poreč again this year, and everyone will be delighted by the ice rink, which will be open during Advent until the end of the school holidays on January 7. Visitors will be able to enjoy the magic of skating every day, from 10 a.m. to 22 p.m., including Christmas and New Year. At the same time, skating is free, and equipment rental is also free. , said De Zan Prusina, announcing the Sweet Morning, which has been successfully organized for years in cooperation with Anton Štifanić's TUŠ, as well as a free brunch for everyone with the citizens socializing with the mayor on Christmas morning. announced De Zan Prusina.

The charity Advent race will be run again this year on December 23.12, and all proceeds will be directed to the Center for Inclusion and Support in the Poreč Community. 

In addition to the City of Poreč-Parenzo, the partners of Advent Poreč are the TZ of the City of Poreč, Plava Laguna and Valamar, and the co-organizers are the Public Open University Poreč, Usluga Poreč, Vodovnja Poreč, City Library Poreč, Youth Club Poreč, La mula de Parenzo Visitor Center, Sports the community of the City of Poreč, Poreč associations as well as all schools and kindergartens and many others.

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Photo: Poreč Tourist Board 


November 2, 2023