Applications are open for the Annual Croatian Tourism Awards

As we mentioned earlier, the Days of Croatian Tourism (DHT) are moving to Istria, to be more precise in the city of Rovinj, and the largest gathering of tourism workers in Croatia,...


26. July 2023.

As we mentioned earlier, Days of Croatian Tourism (DHT) are moving to Istria, more precisely in the city Rovinj, and the largest gathering of tourism workers in Croatia will take place od November 09 - 10 2023.

Applications for the Annual Croatian Tourism Awards are now open online, and you can apply for the best in tourism until the end of August.

This year we have a new reward concept

The previous Tourist Flower - Quality for Croatia awards have become part of the Annual Croatian Tourist Awards, which will be awarded this year according to a new concept, in 15 joint categories.

The new concept includes the awarding of joint awards for tourist event of the year, tourist arrangement of the year, gastronomic experience of the year, hotel and camp of the year, and awards will also be given in active, cultural, nautical, business, rural and health tourism, as well as awards for Unique accommodation. year and tourist destination of the year (Champion of Croatian tourism).

Also, the entries are also accepted for prizes Croatian National Tourist Board in the People in Tourism category, i.e. for "Man - key to success, employee of the year", "Anton Štifanić" and Lifetime Achievement Award.

The received applications will be evaluated by a special evaluation committee made up of representatives  co-organizers, i.e. the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Croatian Tourist Board and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, as well as representatives from the academic community, the profession, and those stakeholders who develop a sustainable, responsible, inclusive, accessible, innovative, year-round, resistant, competitive and regionally balanced tourism.

Business entities such as hotels, camps, private renters, OPGs, marinas, charter companies, hostels, spas, special hospitals, travel agencies and restaurants can apply, up to various themed roads and routes, events, circular trips, but also tourist community, DMK and in general tourist destinations and professional associations. 

"When choosing the best, priority should be given to those stakeholders who achieve a general positive impact on the local community. Also, the desire is to single out examples of good practice in the development of special forms of tourism and to reward those who have contributed to the achievement of extremely good tourism results." according to HTZ.

The deadline for submitting candidacies for all award categories is August 31, 2023. through online application forms available at official site manifestations Days of Croatian tourism. 



26. July 2023.