Are we ready to open more mass festivals and events?

It should be reminded that the platform Safe Assemblies of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Culture and Media was recently presented, and which was done in agreement with the creative and cultural industries. It is a tool ...

Recall, the platform was recently introduced Safe gatherings Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Culture and Media, which was done in agreement with the creative and cultural industries.

It is a tool that using a proven algorithm assesses the risk of an event i certifies its safety in terms of compliance with applicable epidemiological measures. How to report from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) since today the platform is up and running. Thus, the platform has become an official recording tool that will register cultural events in the coming period, and at a later stage other events.

The Safe Gatherings platform enables safer organization and attendance of first cultural and then other types of events, and is included in recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health during professional and amateur art performances, cultural programs and events. Organizers of these types of gatherings who expect the arrival of more than 100 visitors are mandatory from June 1st submit a notice of the gathering through the gathering

The goal of the platform is to raise the confidence of visitors in the safety of events and thus return them in large numbers to mass events, which is especially important for event organizers as one of the industries hardest hit by the pandemic.

The Safe Gatherings platform currently includes events that include professional cultural and artistic content (concerts, festivals, theater performances, exhibitions, etc.), and in the long run the goal is to expand its use to other types of events, such as conferences and sporting events.

All participants of the two trial events - business event and wedding, were tested on covid-19 and tested negative on PCR

It is important to emphasize that all participants in the two trial events - business event and wedding, were tested for covid-19 after the event and tested negative for PCR, which is proof that it is possible to organize large events if they are vaccinated, ill or tested.

In the USA and other countries, to enter a cinema or an event, it is necessary to show the so-called covid passport, and in Croatia the same principle has been considered or is still being considered. Just today in Croatia it is possible to get the so-called. covid passport, and at EU level its implementation is expected by the end of June.

/ / / As of today, covid passports are issued in Croatia. We bring the details

216 new cases in the past 24 hours, 22.202 doses of vaccine consumed 

In the past 24 hours, 216 new cases were recorded, so the number of active cases in Croatia today is a total of 1.843. Among them, 753 patients are in hospital, of which 82 are on a respirator. In the past 24 hours, 300 people recovered and 7.039 were tested. 

As of May 30, 1 doses of the vaccine had been used, and so far 751 people had been vaccinated with at least one dose, of which 087 had received both doses. We currently have a vaccination of over 36,9 percent of the adult population (data on May 28), and the goal of the Government of the Republic of Croatia is to vaccinate more than 50 percent of adult citizens by the end of June.

The event industry is on the wane

The event industry has a drop in traffic of more than 90%, we can actually talk about a 100% drop in traffic. It is necessary to emphasize that the event industry is associated with a number of smaller activities and related entities that are also closed and disabled in operation and before decay. We must also take into account the fact that the former will be banned or restricted from working, and the latter will be allowed to do so. According to certain information, the event industry annually brings 22 billion kuna into the Croatian budget and employs over 17.000 professionals.

For the survival of the event industry, as one of the most important segments of Croatian tourism, and thus the entire economy, according to Committee for event industry of the Voice of Entrepreneurs Association it is necessary to do the following:

  1. Providing fixed costs to all business entities that mainly generate income from public gatherings, which have been banned for a year.
  2. Urgent opening of regular and direct communication between the National Civil Protection Headquarters and representatives event industry with the aim of adopting a framework work plan and the pace of opening events under safe conditions.
  3. Securing financial resources through the recovery fund for the event industry and enabling the so-called “Umbrella”Protection program that will allow organizers to start planning events, following the example of Austria and other countries in the European Union. 

Are we ready from June 15 to open a more mass organization of festivals and events?

The Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia has issued a Decision on necessary epidemiological measures restricting gatherings and introducing other necessary epidemiological measures and recommendations to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 through gatherings. Necessary epidemiological measures are determined for up to June 15, 2021 

/ / / HZJZ - Restriction of assembly and other necessary epidemiological measures and recommendations (measures until June 15)

Opening plan?

It is not necessary to emphasize how important the event industry is for tourism, raising the quality of the local population, the rhythm of the city, raising tourist spending - filling the budget, the motive for coming, both in the peak season, and especially in the pre- and postseason. But with all the problems of the event industry so far, it now needs a concrete one opening plan. One festival or event cannot be organized in one day. Constructive and everyday communication is needed. To try to sustain or save what can be saved this year. Because let's be realistic, many festivals and events will not take place this year.

We have models and positive frameworks for safe maintenance evenata

If we connect the current epidemiological situation in Croatia, the opening to tourism, in Croatia at the moment more than 100.000 tourists stay daily, the Safe Gathering platform, the successful pilot project of events and weddings, as well as the introduction of covid passports, then we can certainly say that we have an excellent foundation to after June 15 we open completely for the organization of festivals and other events in the summer season. Of course, adhering to all epidemiological measures.

We now have models and positive frameworks for safe maintenance evenata.

Photo: Zagreb Burger Festival

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