As of Monday, additional epidemiological measures in four Dalmatian counties

At the beginning of today's, 70th session of the Government, the Prime Minister Andrej Plenković reported on the epidemiological situation, which he said that in the last three weeks, when there were 500-600 new ...

At the beginning of today's 70th session of the Government, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković reported on the epidemiological situation, saying that in the last three weeks, when there were 500-600 new cases a week, we have been recording stagnation.

It is especially noticeable, said the Prime Minister, that the largest numbers are in the four Dalmatian counties, and that is why the Headquarters will introduce additional epidemiological measures in that part of Croatia in order to limit the spread of the infection. In doing so, it is important to control events with a larger number of people.

"In the last seven days, there are 871 new cases in Croatia and the numbers are, in terms of weekly infection, three digits.", said Plenković, emphasizing that we must be very careful given the tourist season.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the Government takes into account the health aspect, but also the tourism, economic, financial and social aspects. In that sense, he said, the responsibility of local and county headquarters is important. The Prime Minister believes that the decision of the Headquarters on additional measures will reduce the margin of misunderstanding and ambiguity in approving certain events in order to avoid contradictory views that existed in certain situations.

He reminded of last week's decision which enabled all Croatian citizens who do not have health insurance, but also all other foreign citizens to be vaccinated in Croatia. He stated that, for example, someone who comes from Mostar on holiday to Makarska can get vaccinated there for free.

He especially pointed out the fact that out of 100% of those hospitalized, 94% were not vaccinated.

“Today, anyone who chooses not to get vaccinated literally puts themselves at risk, and that risk can end up being fatal. I understand that we are all a little tired of viruses, pandemics, measures and a different way of life, but it is important that now with a dose of self-discipline, attention and respect for the main and basic scale, which is physical distance, we go through the summer with as many tourists. with as little infection as possible ”, said Plenković.

He emphasized that the entire tourism and hospitality sector expects this in order to avoid shortening the season. The Prime Minister once again appealed to the citizens to get vaccinated and help maintain the tourist season.

Minister Davor Božinović at the session of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, he announced that additional epidemiological measures would be applied from Monday, July 26.

"The new decision, which will be published tomorrow, places emphasis on monitoring the implementation of anti-epidemic measures. Given the intensity and large number of summer events and gatherings on the coast, their control is possible only with the full involvement of headquarters and other services at the level of Adriatic municipalities, cities and counties that have authority for all gatherings and events deemed epidemiologically difficult to control. not to give consent for their maintenance ”, announced Bozinovic

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