As they encourage their guests towards a healthy lifestyle, they also encourage their employees. Terme Sveti Martin became a "Company - a friend of health"


17. May 2023.

Terme Sveti Martin once again shows why it is among those that other companies look up to.

After a series of industry breakthroughs, now as the first spa in Croatia, Terme received a very important certificate The company is a friend of health. 

In order for a company to receive this certificate, it is necessary to meet a number of criteria determined by a team of experts Croatian Institute of Public Health in the areas of nutrition, promotion of physical activity, protection of the health of employees at the workplace, prohibition of smoking and alcohol consumption, as well as landscaping and protection of the health of employees. 

As we encourage our guests towards a healthy lifestyle, we also encourage our employees, because only a healthy employee is creative, satisfied, happy and productive, which of course has an effect on all the services we provide, she pointed out. Nuša Korotaj, general director of Terma Sveti Martin and added:

"That's why I want to say a big thank you to all colleagues who join our healthy activities such as yoga, sports training and free swimming, programs and campaigns such as the anti-smoking one. This is a motivation for us not to stop there, but to invest even more in that area of ​​our business, in our human resources, from whom we received very positive feedback on this certificate and its key items." 

Terme St. Martin, friend of health2

The coordinator of this national project for Međimurje County is Renata Kutnjak Kiš, MD, epidemiologist of the Institute of Public Health of Međimurje County, while the initiative to introduce the program came from the first lady of Croatia, Mrs. Sanje Music Milanović

Dinka Nakic, MD, from HZJZ, presented the certificate to the general director of Terme Sveti Martin Nushi Korotaj, stressing that only a healthy employee is productive, especially in light of the fact that working hours are getting longer.  

"This certificate is very important to us because, on the one hand, we have a confirmation that we have successfully achieved the highest standards of preserving the health of our employees, and on the other hand, a reward for all the effort we have invested all these years, through which we encouraged our employees to preserve their health, because we are the first Health resort in Europe where health permeates all our branches of business." Korotaj concluded.

This certificate, which is aimed at the company's employees, confirms that Terme Sveti Martin is a resort that enables the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits, promotes health in the workplace and takes care of the health of its employees as well as the preservation of the environment. 

Prefect of Međimurje County Matija Posavec at the ceremony of awarding the certificate to Terme Sveti Martin, he emphasized that this is another example of a highly developed awareness of the importance of the quality of the working environment, which results in better service and thus satisfied guests. "I congratulate Terme on the status of a company that is a friend of health, thus complementing its important position within the tourism strategy of Međimurje County. It is the most important tourist entity in the region that carries the Green destination label for achievements in sustainable tourism. By investing in employees and developing awareness in the community, you directly contribute to the promotion of Međimurje County's sustainability guidelines and concept for this area", said the prefect. 

Photo: Terme Sveti Martin


17. May 2023.