Austria is playing a political game, which will return to her like a boomerang

Austria yesterday lifted all epidemiological measures for the travel of Austrian citizens to countries with which that country directly borders. Thus, from June 4, the Austrian borders are open to Germany, ...

Austria abolished everything yesterday epidemiological measures for the travel of Austrian nationals to countries with which that country directly borders.

Thus, as of June 4, the Austrian borders are open to Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. If you enter Austria from these countries, you will not need to self-isolate or provide a medical certificate. But not from Croatia.

So, Austrian citizens can still freely go to Croatia, but after returning to their country they still need to isolate themselves or take a covid-19 test when entering the country.

Austria's decision is controversial to say the least because Croatia has one of the best epidemiological situations in Europe, and has even become a positive example of how it has dealt with the whole situation.

But when the political factor is included in this paradigm, then the result is completely different. It is quite clear here that this is a purely political decision, not a health situation.

The goal is to activate the tourism market primarily from Germany and Switzerland, and on the other hand they want to keep their citizens traveling within Austria and thus generate domestic consumption.

This rule, for now, is in force until June 15. According to unofficial information, Austria will still be June 6. open borders towards Croatia, ie the need for self-isolation for return from Croatia will be abolished. Primarily due to pressure from both Croatia and the EU. Although yesterday's decision of the Austrian authorities, in my opinion, should have gone beyond diplomatic channels, ie public outrage and pressure, both from Croatia and the EU.

Because although it is a recommendation of the European Commission for full liberalization of travel in countries with a similar epidemiological situation, this decision is against everything that the EU represents or should represent, and that should be the concern of the European Commission itself. Especially after Brexit.

After Germany and Slovenia, Austria is in third place with the markets with which Croatia has the largest tourist turnover. So it is quite clear how the tourism sector eagerly awaits the Austrian guests, in order to save at least to some extent what to save from this tourist season. This year the most important thing is to have at least some traffic or cash flow, pay the workers, all other expenses and be in some positive to survive until the spring of 2021.

It should certainly be reminded that the coronavirus spread to Croatia and other parts of Europe, mostly from ski resorts in Austria where the new Hotspot was created, which again due to arrogance and looking only for profit, did not react to the coronavirus but are still normal. work. They now face billions of euros in lawsuits. At the very least irresponsible, egocentric, selfish… but now the same pattern is seen again according to the last decision.

Of course, this whole story has nothing to do with any animosity towards the citizens / guests of Austria, but is exclusively a harmful political game.

Austria is playing a political game, looking only at itself and its interests, which will come back to it like a boomerang, because for every cooperation and partnership, you want to have a partner you can trust. However, it is already a political sphere, what is most important at the moment is for Austria to act as if it is in the EU and to remove obstacles to travel to Croatia and other countries that have a favorable epidemiological situation. And what could happen before 15.06.


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