Awarded the Lošinj Taste of Vitality label - Brand of vitality in hospitality


7. June 2024.

On Lošinj, the island of vitality, in the Museum of Apoksiomen, a ceremony was held to award the label Taste of Vitality, a project organized by the Tourist Board of the Town of Mali Lošinj and Gastronaut.

The label refers to nutrient-dense foods that support overall well-being and energy levels. Emphasizes a balanced diet with essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to promote vitality and health with special emphasis on cooking and food preparation.

The Taste of Vitality titles were awarded to 54 dishes and 6 drinks from the offer, a total of 16 catering establishments.

At the initiative of the Tourist Board, a project was launched to spread the vitality brand to the catering offer. Partners from the companies Abisal and Gastronaut, led by prof. Karin Mimicom, who are behind numerous successful gastronomic destination brands.

The creation of a manual that combines the Mediterranean and anti-aging diet with Lošinj ingredients was entrusted to mag. interior Diana Gluhak Spajić, author of the Healthy Meal Standard.

Every dish awarded the title of Taste of Vitality at the Apoxyomena Museum represents a delicious and nutritionally rich light meal with the flavors of Lošinj, where the ingredients and weights are precisely monitored by nutritionists.

Losinj taste of vitality 3

Losinj taste of vitality 4

You can find dishes for vitality highlighted on the menus of the following restaurants: Artatore, Baracuda, Bocca Vera, Bora Bar, Borik, Corrado, Diana, Deveron, Manora, Mare, Silvana, Trojka, Veli žal, Za Kantuni, and pastry shops Torte and that and Moby Dick Gelateria.

Recommended dishes for vitality are listed on the plaques assigned to the restaurants. Among the Taste of Vitality delicacies there are, for example: Shrimp crudo; Crab salad; Grouper fillet with vegetables and citrus fruits from Lošinj; Squid on brudet with polenta; Baked octopus with vegetables; Swiss chard rolls filled with squid ragout; Bluetail tuna tartare; Beef carpaccio with Lošinj capers; Beef tagliata on arugula; Lamb on umido; Grilled young beer; Lentil, wild onion and fennel burgers; Sweet potato stuffed with island pesto; Fruit, vegetable and Lošinj stone fruit salad; Chia pudding with lavender; Cocktails with fresh fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs.

Lošinj is known for its mild climate, clean air enriched with the scents of wild medicinal plants, more than 200 sunny days a year and 280 km of hiking and biking trails. Now these trump cards of the beautiful and health-recommended destination are additionally strengthened by the offer of dishes under the Taste of Vitality brand.

The awarding ceremony was enhanced by the performance of the Junior Choir of the music department of the Mario Martinolić Elementary School, and special performances on the piano by Marko Drča and Karolina Jureković.

Source and photo: Tourist Board of the City of Mali Lošinj


7. June 2024.