AzBar system for control and management of catering facilities, from now on on the Croatian market

Often in conversations when we talk about various ideas and projects, we come to the conclusion that something should be invented for cafes, because logically - there are thousands of them in Croatia, so ...

Often in conversations when we talk about various ideas and projects, we come to the conclusion that something should be invented for cafes, because logically - there are thousands of them in Croatia, so the calculation and cost-effectiveness of the whole project is very attractive. Precisely through a conversation with a colleague, one such idea was on the "table", and since it is a relatively unknown product in our market, I was even more interested in the whole idea and philosophy of the whole concept, so this story was created.

Namely, it is an interesting product for the HoReCa channel, ie equipment and applications for monitoring and managing systems for dispensing alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic beverages in hotels, restaurants and bars. It is applicable for almost all cafes, and especially for the tourism sector, from hotels, restaurants to larger clubs where there is a high frequency of demand for drinks, so it is an art and a challenge to get out as many drinks of the same quality as possible.

"Smart solutions do not always come from Sweden“Saša Stanković, the company's sales and marketing manager, starts our conversation with laughter SBC solutions from Zagreb, which has been the exclusive representative of the Canadian company AzBar Plus based in Quebec for 7 years.

Although it is not about equipment produced in Croatia, domestic "smart" is an integral part of a success story that in one small but very important part, can help our tourism, which is to provide better service to guests, but also allows even more transparent business in a business environment in which caterers are often called out.

The co-owners of SBC solutions, who have been successful caterers for many years, have successfully combined their knowledge and experience with AzBar innovative technologies and provided caterers with an efficient and effective means of controlling and managing business in catering facilities, Stanković points out and adds that SBC business solutions tailored to the needs of each individual caterer, regardless of the volume of business and the degree of complexity of serving drinks at the bar. "We approach each user with special care and advise him on choosing a business solution adapted for bars in bars and restaurants with easy serving of all types of alcoholic and soft drinks, beer and wine, all the way to hotel systems with multiple bars of different complexity of serving drinks, especially cocktails and mixes. In addition to increasing efficiency, reducing costs and effective control, our solutions allow caterers to fully dedicate themselves to their guests, who, in addition to faster and better service, can guarantee the prescribed standard and quality of spilled beverage at any time."Says Stankovic.

What every caterer will like is in fact the whole system of controlling the drained type and quantity of drinks and beverages can reduce losses by up to 27%, and through the possibility of central storage of beverages can further reduce procurement costs by up to 20% by buying more economical, larger packaging and savings. storage space. With the same number of employees and bars, and due to faster and better service, the increase in turnover and even earnings is unquestionable.

The AzBar system has so far been installed in more than 16.000 locations worldwide, of which 50+ locations in Croatia

"What we have paid special attention to are the increase in revenue and savings for caterers, while increasing the quality of service to guests. If there’s one thing restaurant and bar owners want, it’s to make their own business profitable. But it is almost impossible to manage and control every aspect of your business. This creates problems that you constantly have to deal with. You don’t necessarily have to always be aware of the cause maybe even the existence of the problem itself. Due to poor management and inadequate control in restaurants and bars, the door was left open for theft, omissions, waste, inaccurate tapping, inefficient service and poor inventory management. And our system is a simple and practical solution to all the listed challenges. "Stankovic points out and adds that the entire investment is included in the tax-deductible cost, which is certainly another important item.

The entire system is manufactured exclusively in Canada, steel and pumps are imported from the USA, and AzBar systems have so far been installed in more than 16.000 locations worldwide, as well as in more than 50 locations in Croatia. " We especially emphasize that the system is connected directly to the cash register or POS and allows quick and easy calculation, insight into the condition and quantity of spilled beverage (per piece and norm), individual price per item and finally the total price of spilled beverage, all without any possibility of manipulation, i.e. everything is automated and standardized"Concludes Stanković.

A great solution, and so simple, that offers a solution to various challenges. From cost controls, increasing the efficiency and speed of dispensing and discharging drinks, everything is standardized and there is no room for manipulation, and thus the most important thing leads to an increase in earnings.

More information about the AZ Bar system for bars, clubs and restaurants can be found here 


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