"Be a SeaStar Hero" was supported by 1.125 users, this year it is expanding to the Poreč Riviera cluster

Author  HrTurizam Promo

24. May 2024.

SeaStar Hero tourism and care for the environment as a necessary growing world trend, merges into one whole. Aligned with the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, it initiates the clean-up of the seabed, turning it into a shared experience that encourages visitors and local residents to actively fight for the preservation of the sea.

At the same time, it encourages cross-sector cooperation, including tourist boards, city administration and services responsible for maintaining cleanliness, hoteliers, restaurants and cultural spaces, which jointly implemented and supported the initiative.

This socially responsible initiative was created last summer in cooperation between the Tourist Board of the City of Poreč and Sonda, and was supported by the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency of Croatia and partners City of Poreč-Parenzo, Usluga Poreč, Valamar Riviera and WWF Adria.

Namely, parts of the Poreč Riviera have seven times more people in the summer months, and as a result, it is very important to raise awareness of the importance of regular beach and underwater cleaning throughout the year, both among locals and guests. The solution in the form of the SeaStar Hero project enabled the collection of waste that is generated every day and usually goes unnoticed in the usual underwater cleaning actions, simultaneously raising awareness of the importance of preserving the sea and reminding that each individual has a key role in preserving the planet.

Participating in a pilot project that was carried out at five locations in Poreč, more than 1.125 users removed 4.500 pieces of small plastic waste in just three months.

In addition to the support of the aforementioned partners, this year the initiative is expanding to new locations thanks to the support of the Croatian Tourist Board - Poreč Riviera cluster 20.000 euros were awarded through Public tender for united tourist boards, which will encourage further development of the SeaStar Hero project in Poreč and enable its expansion to municipality of Tar Vabriga i Fountain. During 2024, the hotel houses Plava laguna and Maistra Hospitality Group joined the project.

 "Plava Laguna joins this ecological initiative with the aim of protecting the sea and preserving biodiversity. Projects like this are important for raising awareness of environmental issues and encouraging sustainable practices. Plava Laguna will participate with two beaches – at Camping Bijela uvala and at Lotosi beach, known as a sandy beach at Zelena Resort. It is especially important that guests will be involved in cleaning the sea. Such activities not only contribute to the preservation of the environment, but also educate visitors about the importance of protecting natural resources. Through these activities, Plava Laguna shows its commitment to sustainable development and responsible tourism, emphasizing the importance of environmental protection as part of its business philosophy", message from Blue Lagoons.

"We are aware that operating in tourism, our competitive advantage is largely based on natural benefits and resources, therefore systematic environmental protection and more responsible use of natural resources is a key strategic determinant of our business. By participating in this project with our largest camp in the portfolio - Valkanela, we believe that will additionally contribute to the preservation of the beach that carries the Blue Flag. We will also raise awareness and educate our guests and employees about the exceptional importance of responsible behavior and habits that contribute to environmental protection.", they stated from Maistra Hospitality Group.

At the 32nd session of the Tourist Council of the Croatian Tourist Board, members of the Council approved the distribution of a total of more than 2,9 million euros for 114 projects, in order to support the development and expansion of activities such as SeaStar Hero, which is already achieving significant success in the region - so far won award Golden Goat - Capra d'Oro 2023, Tourist Board of Istrian County for the best innovative product and at the Communication Days, one of the largest regional festivals of market communications, awarded with two golden IdejaX awards. At the largest national competition in creativity, which has been successfully awarding the most original and unique ideas for 14 years, SeaStar Hero was recognized in the categories The best positive change (subcategory Nature) i The best on the market (subcategory Tourism, culture and leisure).

"We are happy that we were the first to recognize the potential of this project, which ultimately means less waste - plastic and trash in the sea. We must all be more responsible towards our most important natural resource and teach the youngest that the natural beauty we enjoy is not limitless. We hope that the others will also Croatian destinations to join the realization of the project", he stressed Nenad Velenik, director of the Tourist Board of the city of Poreč.

Author  HrTurizam Promo

24. May 2024.