Ben Fogle: Međimurje rightly bears the label Green Destination

The people of Međimurje are proud, and they have reason to be, of their Međimurska popevka, a protected UNESCO heritage...


24. May 2024.

Ben Fogle, British TV presenter, writer and adventurer spent Friday, May 24, in Međimurje

For a true advocate of ecology and sustainability, a visit to Međimurje the first Croatian region certified as a Green destination, fit into what he is fighting for with his many decades of work and activism.

During his stay in the county in the far north of Croatia, Ben Fogle visited several locations and, as he himself said, was impressed by what he saw, especially how much a small region in a small European country dedicated itself to preserving its traditions and diverse natural resources.

"The level of preserved biodiversity of the Mura and Drava rivers is surprising. It is absolutely clear to me, now that I have seen it myself, why this region is called the "European Amazon". Also, it is very nice to see a region that preserves its rich intangible heritage, such as have done it here in Međimurje. I see, they are especially proud, and they have reason to be, for their Međimurje, protected heritage of Međimurje. Ben Fogle said. 


Fogle and the female ranger sailed in a wooden boat along the Mura tributary in Žabnik and then walked through the pastures, after which he concluded that such a real rural environment is "really a rarity in this part of Europe". Fogle also visited PG Geler, where the autochthonous breed of the Međimurje horse is bred, an almost extinct species, there are only 40 head left in the world.

"This is a real treasure of horse breeding. It would truly be a tragedy for such a beautiful horse to disappear. We have to preserve it" Fogle stressed.

He was happy to taste the specialties of local Međimurje cuisine, he was served Međimurje gibanica, tiblica meat, black pumpkin oil, buckwheat porridge... "Gibanica has a really great taste. I must say that I am surprised by the rich gastronomy of this region, as well as the excellent wine list. Who would have thought that over 20 wine varieties are grown in this small region, which is proof that biodiversity can also be preserved through viticulture." Ben Fogle concluded.


The whole day's visit was rounded off by climbing to the viewpoint at Magjerka hill, with a unique, built-in wind organ. –

"This visit to Međimurje convinced me that your region is rightly certified as Green Destinations" – concluded Ben Fogle to his hosts on their way out of green Međimurje.

Photo: TZ Međimurje County


24. May 2024.