Beroš: By expanding the network of health services, we are additionally positioning Croatia as a health destination

The ultimate goal is Croatia as a leading health destination and year-round tourism.


February 10, 2024.

As part of the launched health care reform, last year's legal changes and the adoption of a set of regulations in the field of health tourism at the beginning of this year, preconditions were created for a more detailed regulation of the provision of health services.

The possibility of registration in the Register of Health Tourism is ensured, which will give registered service providers additional visibility and promotion.

Health tourism is an important part year-round tourism in Croatia, which, in addition to its great economic potential, plays an important role in preserving the health of our citizens and visitors, he orders Minister of Health Vili Beroš.

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By expanding the network of health services, we are additionally positioning Croatia as a health destination through a series of reform activities, he adds.

"One of them is the invitation to register the provision of health services in health tourism, which is intended for all health institutions, companies engaged in health activities, private health workers, tourist clinics and other legal entities that, in accordance with a special regulation, perform catering activities or provide tourism services in Croatia", he points out.

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A new model of tourist clinics

Even now, Croatia is recognized as a destination that provides medical tourism services, but back in 1868, it shows that we can be even better. Then we are with Hygiene Society Hvar, the first such tourist association in Europe, occupied a leading role in the field of tourism on the European map, according to the government announcement. 

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"Today, we are on the right track through the expansion of the network of health services in health tourism, the introduction of a new model of tourist clinics, as well as the fast boats of the emergency maritime medical service and the establishment of the Emergency Helicopter Medical Service, which will be in full operation this tourist season.", believes Beroš.

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All this would not be possible without intensive cooperation with key stakeholders - the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, the Ministry of Regional Development and European Union Funds, the Croatian Institute for Emergency Medicine, county institutes as well as the local community. I thank you for everything done, he adds. We have all shown what is our main priority - Health comes first, and Croatia as a leading health destination is our ultimate goal.

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February 10, 2024.